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Told Too Much Protein is Worthless


So I'm having a discussion with someone who claims to be a personal trainer waits for the laughter to subside and he is telling me that mass protein is worthless and does no good to for the body when someone like me is trying to get more body mass. Now I have read on here many times that to there isn't really such thing as to much protein.

I have also read that the general rule for minimum protein intake is 1.7g per lb of weight. Now if anyone can help me out on this I would greatly appreciate it. Any research that taking in large amounts of protein is not worthless would also be appreciated. Yes I will continue to search myself but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


There is a thing as too much protein. In short, if protein is too dominant your body will use it as its primary fuel sorce (opposed to carbs or fats), which can result in your body breaking down muscle for energy. I wouldn't worry about this though unless your taking in a pretty large amount of protein and very little carbs/fats.

1.7g/lb is reasonable, but hardly the minimum. 1 - 1.5g/lb is fine in most cases, and is more or less the general rule. 1g works for me, it might not be enough for you.

One thing is certain, this person you speak of is an idiot.


Okay so I was wrong with one part there. But in the long run I was right because in order for me to take in that large amount of protein it would have to be well... MASSIVE! Like 3g/lb (just threw that number out there)


I think its more an issue of protein per server than it is total per pound of body weight...

Someone who eats 250g of protein in 2 sittings isnt going to utilise as much as someone who has it over 6 as far as im aware...

Tell him he is an idiot, does he think ur kidneys will fail or something if u over indulge on protein? Seems to be the general consensus of un-educated dweebs.

How much did he recommend?


He never recommended a certain amount he just put down everything I said about how I thought he was wrong in his statements. He basically just said that eating to much is a complete waste.


3 grams per pound? So at 220#, what I weigh now, I should be consuming 660 grams of protein (supplying 2,640 calories) per day?



....didn't you read the part in quotation marks? I said I just threw that number out there. Hell maybe it should be 10g/lb. I just picked a random number.


2g/lb is pretty excessive, not really any reason to go higher then that. Not to mention getting 400g of protein a day can be tiresome.


You know why I love headphones? Because they keep the trainers from fucking talking to me when Iâ??m at the gym.


just make sure you spread it out and vary it


actually the trainer is probably right. beyond a certain amount, any extra protein is converted to glucose anyway so why go through the trouble of intakes as high as 2g per lb when there are tastier/cheaper ways to get the same result?

trained individuals don't need as much protein as do sedentary people because their body uses protein more efficiently anyway. couple that with the fact that under hypercaloric conditions protein needs aren't as great as when dieting, and you'd probably be safe eating as low as .8g/lb.


also eating 250g of protein over 2 meals is the same as over 6 meals. it just takes longer to digest.


But when I told him I am taking in around 250-300g a day throughout the day from my morning protein shake to my Metabolic Drive Complete that I take before I go to bed that all that protein I am taking is nothing more than a waste. If he had said something like taking that much in one sitting is a waste, yea I would have to agree with him there but how I do it with taking in equal amounts throughout the day there I think he is wrong.


Dark Angel. just for the record, don't listen to anything JMo says




Reading is fundamental.


Jmo are you serious?

You think untrained people need more protein than people who are training? Wow.

Your second post is also incorrect I'm afraid.

2g per pound is my magic number, and since I do carb/fat cutoffs at night, I probably get in 120g of protein in my last 2 meals.

Hardgainer is right though, you don't want protein to be far and away the dominating macro or your body will to burn it for fuel, aka your muscle.

It's not really something you need to worry about though as it's pretty uncommon that people do that.


what i mean is that untrained individuals who are beginning a new exercise program will see better results with higher protein intakes. over time, however, the body learns to use protein more efficiently for muscle growth, and thus higher protein intakes show no demonstrable benifit.

1-1.25g per lb is enough if you're calories are sufficient. there's really no need to go any higher.


Is there a maximum % protein should make up of your total caloric intake? My high PRO days I get 50% of my calories (~430g) from protein, which comes out to >2g/lb BW. Is balance really the key here? Lower protein but proportionally raise fats/cho? Especially if a trained individual really only needs between 1-1.5g/lb BW.


Which is why I read... a lot. Point to me haha. Actually what was the purpose behind that post? Not trying to sound like a smart ass here just being humble and asking.