Told to Stop TRT for Fertility. Started Clomid, LH/FSH Dropped

Need some help I’m trying for a baby whilst on TRT and I’m confused.

So my doc told me stop TRT altogther when trying for a baby.

I stopped and my test level dropped to 7nmol but LH and FSH normal levels resumed

I felt like crap so he prescribed clomid 50mg per day. My test went up but LH and FSH dropped ???

Is there any reason why clomid would actually supress LH and FSH instead of increasing it ???

I’m confused and my doc isn’t much help hence why.

I think test with hcg but my doc won’t use hcg.

I also get horrendous of clomid.

Don’t know where to go from here ???

Most doctors are batshit stupid when talking about modern TRT/HRT, it just doesn’t make up the bulk of their business and most doctors tend to be clueless. A lot of these doctors need to go back to medical school and get educated and trained in hormones.

Is this a fertility doctor?

That means your pituitary gland is unresponsive.

He is not a fertility doctor he specialises in male hormones apparently !!

When I stopped testosterone my LH and FSH went mid to high range.

He won’t use HCG because of unknown long term side effects ???

You should really see a urologist with a specialty in andrology. That’s who I have seen for 20 years and I now have two kids from proper HCG use with TRT…

It’s been difficult to source doctors in UK that even acknowledge and treat TRT. Even worse when trying to preserve fertility.

I will need to find a new doc !

Does clomid even work for anyone whilst on TRT for fertility?

I’m struggling to find anyone with positive results ?

Would you post the numbers?

That would not help.

Interesting, especially since you would not expect to be using it for long.

It does, or it can.

Ask doc for HMG, stay on TRT (can’t make a baby if you don’t wanna smash), maybe keep Clomid, no on HCG if you’ve got HMG.

I wonder if this is one of the cases where large doses of Gonadorelin would actually be helpful while on TRT? It’ll raise LH and FSH, but only if taken consistently, and most guys don’t wanna do that. But if you only had to do it for a short period of time, might actually work

So heres my recent bloods

MARCH 2021 - This is after 3 months of clomid 25mg EOD. No Test or any other meds except Sertraline 50mg per day ( anti depressant ) - docs advised sertraline & clomid wont interact.

Serum testosterone - 20.4 nmol/L**
Serum sex hormne binding glob - 37.0 nmol/L**
Serum LH level 0.1 IU/L** - unmeasurable
Serum FSH level 1.4 IU/L** - low
Serum oestradiol level <88 pmol/L** - abnormally low

The next bloods are from July 2021 - This is 3 months clomid free and testosterone free

Serum testosterone - 7.6 nmol/L**
Serum sex hormone binding glob - 30 nmol/L**
Serum LH level 5.7 IU/L**
Serum FSH level 6.1 IU/L**
Serum oestradiol level <88 pmol/L**

It seems clomid suppresses LH and FSH the and my estrogen levels and low and ahve stayed low after stopping the clomid.

All other bloods are normal range - I am now on Androforte test cream .5ml per day and clomid 25mg 3 times a week.

My doc says his patients fair well on this combination.

He cannot understand or explain why my LH and FSH are low on clomid , he thinks try the combination and this may work.

I am worried that the test and clomid will supress LH and FSH and my partner wont conceive.

My fertility hormones are better med free but i feel like crap with low test level of 7nmol.

I started the cream a week ago but still don’t feel great.

I just want to feel semi normal and get my Mrs pregnant.

Thanks for all the posts ,

You should add HCG to your TRT protocol knowing that clomid suppresses your HPTA. The HCG should also get your estrogen levels higher.

Sorry to report, neither can I.

quote=“Spiers26, post:9, topic:275135”]
I am worried that the test and clomid will supress LH and FSH and my partner wont conceive.

If I am you, I would get a semen analysis. The only thing that matters right now is do you have viable and sufficient sperm. It’s unfortunate you do not have an hCG option.

This is the opposite of what Clomid does. Very strange

TRT+HMG? Have you tried that option?

He can’t get it at a retail pharmacy?

Yes, he can, but needs a script.

Thanks for all you advice guys.

Basically I’m going to run with clomid + androforte cream for another few weeks then see where my bloods are at in the hope that clomid with test sees a different reaction.

I’ve dropped the clomid to 25 mg MON WED FRI lower side effect on this dose.

If my LH and FSH are low then im gonna get a new doc and try HCG or HMG.

Finding the right doc is tough and costs £1000s of pounds to get the process started and ive already spent £1000s !

I do wonder if the sertraline ( Zoloft ) is somehow interfering with the clomid , everything have read has stated this is not possible but no real studies of this with men from what I can see.

Il be sure to post the bloods in a few weeks , I have felt better the last few days low T symptoms are subsiding just hope my fertility isn’t as well !!