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Told Not to Slam the Weights


I just did...I was deadlifting an after hitting 455 i just slammed it down and the manager comes over to tell me not to slam the weights and hes also my boss lol...it was prob a bad idea to say yea well what are you gonna do about it and walk away.

Anyone have any stories?


I set off the Lunk Alarm at Planet Fitness.


One time this spandex clad gym wife(you know the type)insisted on doing bent over rows in front of me. It was awesome.


Yes, it was probably a bad idea.


I had to look up the Lunk Alarm. This is pathetic.


I dropped a 65lb rubberized DB 5 inches while doing dips, the DB was between my feet.

Was told to stop for causing "structural damage" and damage to the dumbbell.

I said, "whatever", and put my headphones back on.


haha...i would never workout in planet fitness...well at least the ones around me...they have no free weights and the DBs only go up to 60


Sick bro.


The lunk alarm...That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of.

Because we lift heavy weights and have to grunt occasionally on the last rep while pushing that weight, we are labelled as "stupid muscleheads". What they don't realize there is that we are 100x more intelligent than those idiots when it comes to nutrition and fitness.

Planet Fitness: Once you can lift more than 70 pounds, get the hell out you are too intimidating.


And then I went down to the beach and I saw Kee Kee and she was like "ewww" and I was like, what ever...


I was told not to do lumberjack squats with an olympic bar because it might get destroyed... WHAT???


If you're lifting a weight you should control it. Don't be that guy who gets done bench pressing 70lb dumbbells then throws them all over the place because HE'S THAT HARDCORE.


You sound like a major tool. You are going to go far in this world with your attitude.

Btw, while you're busy bitching about your employment, the towel bin is probably overflowing.



While a little noise happens from lifting you don't need to be a dick, and to be honest, after hitting a heavy DL, or DB BP, you look even stronger and more intimidating when you keep holding the weight and rack it to!

Oh, and yeah planet fitness blows nuts, my former gym became one, just for the name, a week later a corporate official came through and told the owner he must get rid of all heavy weights and DB's over 70 or the franchise will pull the name.(then they installed the lunk alarm)


If you slam weights in a gym you don't own you are likely a douche. It's a very "look at me" type thing to do and to anyone that knows anything about training you look like a fool.


Yeah but going to failure sometimes requires the drop slam!

Most gym managers are fat/out of shape guys that use exercise balls anyways.

I was told not to do weighted bench dips (where your arms are behind your body) because I was taking up too many benches. I said okay. Then when the manager left, I went right back to my sets.


Nice Liam Linch reference.


I would have got rid of all the heavy weights in the back of my truck win win.

I hear Planet Fitness has a free all you can eat pizza night can't be all that bad :slightly_smiling:


WOW! Badass!


So how much "noise" does it take to set off said Lunk Alarm? And what happens, do you get a warning first or do they just kick you out?