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Told I Need TRT, Decided to Do First Cycle

Hi guys,

I’ve just been told by my doctor that i’m required to be put on TRT. He is going to be putting me on a drug called Reandron. By the looks of things this is test undeconate. Being an untested strength athelete I believe this is a perfect time to venture into the world of anabolics. My previous number as powerlifter before these numbers are 300kg squat 175kg bench and 300kg dead all drug free in the 125kg class. Please let me know you recommendations on what I should and should not stack.

Kind Regards :slight_smile:

Testosterone only for first cycle. That way you can add 1 new compound per cycle and see how it effects you.


Hi the doctor will percribing Reandron for test replacement. I was wondering what else I can running along side for strength band come bulk.