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Told I am 26% Fat, I Diaagree


I had my body fat percentage measured today with calipers and was told I am 26% fat. I question how effective they are at giving a good reading. I think I'm low 20's.


I'd say its closer to being correct than you are. We're all fatter than we think.


You are probably right. I think any more bulking would be a bad idea for me as it might become harder for me to get lean again. Think Its maybe time for me to do a cut!


Hang on I just looked and 25%+ is considered obese. No way am I obese!


Its a bad picture but I would say yeah, you're obese. The first step to changing reality is accepting it.


We have some news for you, maybe you should sit down for it...

(not going to believe this is legit without follow up pics)


You're really splitting hairs about whether you're 26% or low 20's? Jesus Christ.

And by the way, I would have guessed 30+ based on that picture. You're fat as fuck.


If this isn't someone trolling, I'm just being frank when I say that 26% bf is generous. You not only don't look like you lift, but you also look unhealthy. That being said, the picture is also horrendous. I'd say it's time to get your diet in order.


Yeah who bulks at that BF%? I'm sure he has PLEANTY of muscle underneath all that blubber. Get in shape.


Time to bulk man. Disregard these haters.


I've been cutting since Friday, no need to wait til Monday to start.
I will post some pictures as I get in better shape. Hoping to get down to about 15% by summer but we will see.

Its hard to find a training routine to do whilst dieting, anyone have any suggestions?
normally I follow a modified westside or 5/3/1.


What's your diet look like? Typically the most effective muscle building routine will also best protect it during a diet. That being said, I would avoid DC and most of CT's routines while dieting. I've personally found CT's routines are typically too draining for myself unless I'm in a surplus of calories.


I am basically doing low carb (50-100g) on days where im not weight training and moderate on training days (150-200g).
Eating very clean, pretty much fish/meat with veggies most the time.

Training wise im starting with a strength exrercise for three sets of 8, hoping this will atleast help me keep some of the strength I have gained. Then I move on to 3 circuits done twice through with very short rest periods. Also on my off days ive have been alternating HIIT skipping and SS skipping.

Yeah trying to not fall into seeing a fancy new program and trying to do it on fewer calories.

What I seem to be seeing now is people saying dont start by trying to do everything all at once and add things in slowly. Which is hard to do because im motivated and want to get in shape as quick as possible!


So you're carb cycling. Because I believe you've got a large amount of fat to lose, I would keep it simple and also strap in for the long haul.

As you alluded to earlier, you don't want to fire off all of your bullets at once. You want to make incremental changes as progress stalls.

I assume since you're carb cycling you know how to put yourself into a 500 calorie per day deficit. I would start there without carb cycling. After progress stalls, throw in carb cycling.

I would also get on an established program instead of what you're currnetly doing; you mentioned 5/3/1 which would be fine and drop the HIIT, sprints etc for now to save for later when progress stalls and carb cycling has stalled.

Hope this helps.


Yeah i'm in a 500 calorie deficit, well i think i am because I never knew the exact calories I was having.

Ok I will save my HIIT workouts for times when progress stalls.

I will look for an established program now. If I cant find anything then I will just do 5/3/1.

I appreciate you taking the time to respond!


Tempted to do the 5/3/1 beachbody challenge however there is no bench pressing in there and thats one of the main lifts I want to protect. Hmmm I will keep looking..


If your one goal, top priority is fat loss, then you need to gear you entire life and training and diet towards that goal. Keeping/maintaining muscle is always a focus, but realize that when you're in a serious fat loss phase, everything else takes the back seat. No one is going to pack on LBM while in serious fat loss mode, because you're in a caloric deficit. When you're lean and mean, you can then worry about packing on pounds of muscle, it seems like you're getting caught up in the minor details and trying to find the "perfect program." Maybe try finding a program on here built for strength with a fat loss focus (there are many, just use the search function.)

Davinci has a good point for saving the HIIT workouts for a little while so you can keep progressing down the road, but you absolutely should not avoid conditioning all together. If you want to lose fat, you need some conditioning in your week, period. Instead of having a full on HIIT session, after your normal workouts do some prowler work, or a few sets of loaded carries, or battle ropes, or tires, etc., and save the full conditioning days/HIIT for a little while down the road.

Also, be sure you understand the daily/weekly/monthly/yearly/forever-and-ever consistency needed in your diet to lose serious fat. If you honestly feel your diet is in line, keep a food journal and observe. Your motivation is AWESOME, and will keep you going down the right path for sure! But, if your original picture is a recent one, you can't be eating "very clean" with a diet consisting of mostly meat/fish and veggies, you need to be honest with yourself. You can't out train the kitchen. 5/3/1 is an outstanding program, but its focus is not fat loss. So, if you're doing a strength program, and you're not going to do conditioning workouts, then your fat-loss results will come pretty much exclusively from your nutrition. Think about what you want to look like a year from now, that's the consistency you'll need and it's going to take a while. As Davinci said, strap in for the long haul. HOT-ROX and/or Carbolin 19 would be a good investment down the road as well!


The picture is recent (and hideous i know!) but I wasn't eating clean then. I have been eating clean since I first posted and I already feel and look better. I started using MyFitnessPal and noting down exactly what I was having, unfortunately I've crushed my phone so can not use that app right now.

I'm definitely not expecting to put on any lean mass whilst dieting, I just wanted my training to protect as much muscle and the my lifts as much as possible.

I haven't got a prowler but I can do sled drags/pulls. I will put those in at the end of my session and see how it goes.

I think I will now put all my energy into eating right 95% of the time and not worry too much about progressions on lifts etc!

Supplements wise I am taking Casein Hydrolysate, whey protein, Vitamin D3 and fish oils. Every now and the I take 200mg of caffeine but I am trying to save that for harder times. I have had HOT-ROX in the past but have never tried or even looked into Carbolin 19, I will have to check it out.



You can put on lean mass while dieting.


I don't agree with some of the points that you made. The first is the need to pick a program designed for fat loss. From my experience (it's not unlimited, so take it with a grain of salt) it's best to choose a decent & established muscle building program to protect your muscle while you're in a deficit. I've also gotten incredibly lean with only dieting and no conditioning work. As you mentioned, you cannot out train the kitchen. That being said, I would start with the bare minimum for results and adjust as you go. I'm 100% sure you can lose a great deal of chunk with diet & lifting alone in your current status.

Eventually throw in carb cycling, conditioning work and keep in mind that as you lose weight, your caloric maintenance level is going to decrease unless you somehow manage to put on LBM while losing fat, which as handsome rob 84 mentioning is possible, albeit unlikely. Also be careful not to fall into the trap to consistently lower your calories over and over as you may run into metabolic damage.

Good luck.