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Tokyopop Part II


BOOM!!! Tokyopop Part II!!!

-- September 2008 --94-96kgs --20-25% BF
-- January 2009 --84kgs --12-14% BF
-- December 2009 --103kgs --18.3% BF
26 July 2010 --119.7kgs --25% BF
27 October 2010 --103.5kgs --12.3%BF

Short Term Goals:
-Look good neked!!!
-Bring up my calves

Long Term Goals:
-Still look good neked!!!
-Focus on V taper
-Gain as much lean mass as possible. I won't put a number on this. We all know what happened last time I did that!

-Upon taking my shirt off, women must instantly fall pregnant.

These are just specifics. Obviously I will train for overall mass. BUT 1st things 1st - Get lean!!!

Best Ever Lifts:
250kgsx1 Deadlift
200kgsx4 Back Squat
140kgsx3 Flat Bench

Current Lifts:
180kgsx1 Back Squat
140kgsx1 Flat Bench

Training begins on the 1st of November.


The Split:

Week 1
3-Legs/Conditioning (including some band work for delts & tris)
4-Neural Charge WO/HIIT
7-Neural Charge WO/HIIT

Week 2
3-Legs/Conditioning (including some band work for delts and tris)
4-Neural Charge WO/HIIT
7-Nerual Charge WO/HIIT

The difference between the two weeks is that on the 2nd I move Friday's pull in with Saturday's legs. I'm only doing this because I would like to deadlift every 2nd week and I don't want to pull heavy the day after training back and bis. So, on that day I'll start with deads, move onto legs and then do a bit of back and bis. I won't be doing free-weight squats on this day. This will be like a super high carb day lol. I need to go buy some chalk!


OoOooooooooooooooooo jissus!
You going to 75 on friday?
Can chat about the nitty gritty details of next week... YEAaaaaah boi!


Sup boyo! No sure hey. Getting my tat finished tomorrow at 2 and I'm usually pretty buggered after.


Tat!!! Fuckin LOVE how its come together!


it does look fuuuuckkkkiinnnnnnnnnng sick! post a pic of the entire arm!


Lol thanks. I would but its all wrapped up now.


As per your request - the battle sleeve!!


The High Day Diet:

09:00: Meal #1
-1 orange
-1 banana
-2 cups oats
-2 scoop whey

10:00 Meal #2
-1 chicken breast
-1/2 cup almonds
-1 spoon cottage cheese

11:00 Peri-WO
-3 scoops Crea-Mass
-2 scoops Whey

13:30 Protein Pulse

14:00 Meal #3
-1 chicken breast
-1/2 cup almonds
-1 cup brown rice
-1 spoon cottage cheese

18:30 Protein Pulse

19:00 Meal #4
-2 chicken breasts

Medium Day:
Meal #1 is just ONE cup of oats.
Meal #3 will not have the brown rice. Depending on how I feel after the meal I may add in another chicken breast to replace the cup of rice.

Low Day:
Meal#1 will be the only carb meal of the day.

Went through all of this with Andy. He likes it all and the only thing he changed was adding in a 2nd cup of oats on high days, since I only have 3 a week. Nothing left to change here. Now all I gotta do is stick to it which should be pretty easy. I'll cook everything the nights before and pack it so I can just take out as I need.


Nod of approval... tomorrow 11am... our muscle fibers will be synching with each other, feeding off the assurance that we will be getting HOOOOGE!


DOH!!! One thing I've still gotta do is buy a pair of good running shoes and a foam roller for home!!


haha i got some other running shoes with grip on them for evo :wink: lol!!!!


Push: top sets only

Push Press
80kgs x 7

Incline BB Press
100kgs x 5

Flat BB Press
120kgs x 4

Circuit: Seated DB Press/DB Extensions/DB Lateral Raise/EZ Skull Crushers
Round 1 & 2
-28kgs x 8
-30kgs x 8
-12kgs x 8
-35kgs x 8

Round 3 & 4
-20kgs x 8
-25kgs x 8
-12kgs x 8
-25kgs x 8 - 7 on the 4th round

Seated Calf Raise
Standing Calf Raise

-Twas a good 1st sesh with Firm. What I liked was that while it wasn't an in-and-out workout, it wasn't long either.

-What I'm doing with calves is picking two exercises and doing 3-4 sets to failure on each. Its about 7 sets total each including the ramps. I'll do this 5 days a week (different variations every workout) for 3 weeks then on the 4th I'll do just 2 workouts. At the end of the 4th I'll measure them. At the moment they're 15.5 inches.

-So far meals have been on time and the portion are perfect for me.


haha that circuit in the end is very unexpected he? lol you feel so amped from the big compounds and now its like pfffffft easy lil cicuit to pump, 2 rounds later and ur physically running sand dunes with a weighted vest haha!

Was a good sesh from coming off the weekend lay backs... tomorrow volume like a bitch on the back and bi's!


PULL!!!!!!! - top sets only

Underhand Chest Supported Row:
90kgs x 5

Meadows Row: Jirre...
50kgs x 10

85kgs x 12

Seated Cable Rows (with 2 seperate handles - good stretch):
95kgs x 10 - might have been 105... can't remember

Circuit - 4 rounds: Power Row/EZ Curls/DB Shrugs/DB Hammer Curls
-40kgs x 10
-35kgs x 8
-55kgs x 8 - 45kgs x 8 (did 55 on the 1st round only. people in the way so could only get the 45s for 2,3 & 4)
-12kgs x 8

Seated Calf Raise - wide stance with heels facing in.
Standing Calf Raise - wife stance with heels facing in.


Haha WIFE stance? Lol were you perving over that chick so much during your calf raises??? lol!!



Ok just putting this out there - I weighed 102.2 this morning...
If its around the same tomorrow then I'll count it but I find it hard to believe that I've lost 1.3kgs in just a week with 3 of those days doing fuck all. Possibly water weight but yesterday was a high carb day and I had loads of water, including after Big Barrel. Also, I weighed 101.1 after my sesh at EVO today after actually losing water and my breakfast hahah.

DB Snatches - struggle to get the technique right on these.

Box Jumps

Prowler - 2 rounds (1 round = 2 lengths/30s recovery x 3 or 4 can't really remember - about 12 or more lengths total.)

Tricep Sled Push/Extensions - 4 rounds (1 round = 1 length)
R1: 3 plates
R2: 2 plates
R3: 1 plate
R4: 1 plate

Medicine Ball Slams

1 minute Plank

Fish-out-of-water held at the top - no idea what these are actually called
2 x 30s?

Hand the torch over to Firm

Falling alseep as I type this...


Haha dude you also do those dumbbell snatch/clean things? Lol my left arm was way more slower than the right! haha! Lol also did alot of jumps, prowler and sprints. When I look at my log it doesnt seem THAT much but i feel good but VOKKIN tired! yoh lil cns is parrying out lol!!!! doesnt understand what happend!


Haha yea my left side was way slower for sure. Lol I just can't seem to get it right though. He shows me the technique, I attempt to duplicate it but it ends up like this:
David: and THATS how you do the db snatch!
Me: ok here goes. snatch yea?
David: no
Me: ha ok hold on snatch looks over at David for approval
David: uhh no, watch me do it again.
Me: OHHH ok yea yea I see now what I was doing wrong. snatch there!!??
David: yea thats not it at all...


hahahaha lol i can see that happening in my head!