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TOG's Road to New PR's

Watsup everybody, maybe some of you guys know who i am but if you don’t then here you go. I’m looking to start an online log of my progress as i shoot for…well…new PR’s. I hope reach my goals by the end of the summer.
Bench 35+ pounds
Squat 55+ pounds
Deadlift 50+ pounds.

My workout routine will be very basic and low volume, I will try to train 3-4 times a week, but this isn’t set in stone, i will listen to my body and when i feel rested i will workout again. Here it is.

Squat 4 sets 3-7 reps
Bench Press 3 sets 3-7 reps
Deadlift 4 sets 3-7 reps
Push Press 3 sets 3-7 reps

Very basic. I do not think i need to much else because at my stage in the game, more frequency is what i need, not working on my weaknesses or anything(Board Presses, weakest ROM,

It will be rep progression. For instance, lets say i do a total of 10 reps through my 3 sets of bench(not including warm up sets) next workout my only goal is to beat that total volume. Once i can easily do 7 reps or more on my initial sets, i raise the weight and restart. Feel free to critique and ask questions. I will post my first workout later on today.

Alright this is an update. This whole thread started in my attempt to really ramp up my PR’s. After a couple of workouts i’m liking it so far. The workout is
Leg Press 3 warm-up sets 1 work set ME

Bench Press etc.

Deadlift (I decided to use Smolov for deadlift b/c i really want to get my deadlift up for the mere infatuation i have with the exercise.

Military Press etc.

So far i like it but, i just might have to add more warm up sets in order to up the volume so i can pass my previous set max on the ME set as often as possible. I am still fiddling around with the proper weights on the ME set, the only one i have found perfect is on the bench press. I substituted the Leg Press for squats b/c i just couldn’t do squats and deadlifts on the same day. But i’m sure im getting good posterior chain work with the Smolov deadlifting and the Leg Press working the quads can only help my squat.

(3-7 reps)

Leg Press N/A (quads still sore)
Bench Press 175/4 reps
Deadlift 4x9 200
Military Press 110/7 reps

Leg Press 300/8 reps
Bench Press 175/5 reps
Deadlift 5x7 210
Military Press 120/8 reps

I haven’t found the right weights but i’m pretty sure ill get em next workout. It’s scheduled for tomorrow May 7.