Tofu Tuff

Just curious about any of your input on tofu.
I have a hand sized slab a day [454gms]. This gets me a wholloping amount of roughly 60 gms of protein alone. Carbs are low [10gms], Fat high [30gms] - but of this only 5 gms are saturated fat.

To make it highly edible so that you aren’t chewing it forever, dice tofu up very tiny- like 1/4" sizes.

Do an article search throuhg the archives on soy. You may reconsider your position on soy.

Search feature not working for me, Can you add a link to that if possible?

I eat it occasionally and I like it’s taste when it’s prepared well. I wouldn’t eat it regularly anymore, though. Not as the main source of protein. Regular eating of soy alleviates menopause symptoms in women and since I’m not a woman, theres no need to alleviate them.

Yes, there are various substantiated pros and cons about soy and isoflavones. I had soy-milk twice and stopped using it altogether upon a slight reaction definately related to it [which is not unheard of]. Regarding tofu though, I have no similar problems.
Part of my enquiry is to see if anyone definately knows if in any of the transformation process from soybeans into tofu curds some disadvantageous soy ingredients are tweaked out.

Tofu is currently one third/quarter of my total daily protein intake. In researching tofu disadvantages specifically I find but one significant so far [among its advantages]. It seems a regular high consumption MAY lead to early senility / sluggish brain-related diseases. But I also read a very high fibre diet MAY reduce the effects of soy isoflavones [ and their disadvantages regarding inhibiting mineral absorption in the intestines].

Anyway still curious on further input. I’m not going to extend my afore-mentioned current intake of tofu beyond 3 more months, but as a lacto-vegetarian and bulking up/ working out, the daily 60gms of protein I get from tofu is definately aiding significantly in producing results [I currently average putting on 7lbs body weight a month- last 3 months] and maintaining 1.5 protein gms/lb of body weight a day. Milk gives me another 30gms and 22gms from whey supplement 4 times a week… the rest of my protein I get comes from oats/pasta/beans/whole wheat/bulgor/bread/potatos/yogurt