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Tofu Has Soy In It


It seems one of Tofu's ingredient has soy in it.

I know this site doesn't support taking soys, but then they also recommend taking Tofu.

What gives?


Could you recommend a non-soy based tofu?

Also, sorry for the hijack, but could someone recommend a high frequency/volume HIT program?


Of course tofu has soy in it. Tofu is to soy milk what cheese is to normal milk (tofu = (soy)bean curd). It would be rather odd to find tofu without soy protein, and if you did, it would probably be some highly processed stuff.

Unfortunately, I can't think of any non-soy tofus. I have no idea how the curdling process works. Maybe it can work on other beans as well? (kidney bean curd, anyone?)


Isn't that like saying 'my salad has lettuce in it'?

All T-Nation has ever said was not to supplement with buckets of soy protein. The most anti-soy articles here say some soy through whole foods is okay, just don't overdo it or rely on it as a sole protein source.


I've been waiting a LONG LONG time to use this, but this thread wins the first....


No shit, it's made from soy beans...


WHAT??? Tofu is soy.


you can't be serious... tofu is tofu ... soy is soy ... wtf?


Guys I am serious...the reason that I posted that I was reading on PubMed about a study that was examining the height, weight, skin thickness and penis size of men in many Asian cultures and I was wondering whether the men there fully understood how much Soy they were getting in their Tofu? I know that there is some soy in tofu but do you know how much there is?


Okay...maybe I missed it, but WHERE does it say to eat Tofu on T-Nation.

I'd bet my left nut it doesn't...

I'll take it you're kinda new here...all the above posts were of a sarcastic nature.


I recommend bagging your left nut and putting it on ice to preserve it. And a quick chopping motion is usually best for severing a nut. Just ask Welsh rugby fans about how broken beer bottles work! ouch.


Aragorn wrote:
TOFU?! You're joking right? I mean, Berardi, you're the man, and I've been almost a zealot for the kind of nutrition advice you give out ever since I read your first articles. But WTF man? Did I miss a breakthrough science article that says that concentrated, processed soy is good for you?

My head is about to explode, will you explain?

John M Berardi wrote:
1) There is a difference between soy isolate and concentrates and the soy found in tofu. IF there is a negative effect of certain components of soy, it's likely in the concentrated protein supplements, not in the moderate consumption of soy-based foods. So don't be brainwashed that anything related to soy is bad. Not everyone agrees with this theory -- and even those that do wouldn't likely say occassional tofu consumption is a problem.

2) Of the entire article and all the great eating strategies contained herein, you're gonna focus on one mention of tofu? Talk about losing the forest through the trees. People are eating absolute crap foods every day and, truth be told, if we were to replace all the french fries with tofu, we'd have a much healthier, leaner nation. Let's grab some perspective here.

3) Ever consider that I do work with female athletes and soy may be useful for them?

In the end, I hope this explans my one peripheral mention of a soy-based food. Now, before this thread devolves into a soy debate, let's get back on focus!

Anyone have any questions which aren't about to explode someone's head?


I grilled some soy-less artificial tofu substitute last night.

I belive it was made out of some sort of bovine protein. It was quite good. I suggest you give it a try.


Love the new avatar ManMeat!


I did the same tonight, and I don't think I'm going back to the real tofu. The soy-less stuff tastes so much better, and my body likes it much more too.


did you know cheese has milk in it as well?


This cheese, paneer, has always reminded me of tofu in texture and absorbancy.


There should be NOTHING wrong with fermented tofu/soy products.They're totally different than processed soy isolate.


Doesn't fermented soy still have the same isoflavones?


This must be a kinder gentler T-Nation cause that dude just told us he was studying Asian Men's Penises and everyone is still ribbing him about the Tofu.


Yet another TSB. Nice.