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Toes to Sky question


I’m in the middle of the Ian King Astounding Abs program. Having read part III, I don’t want to move onto that stage until I demonstrate a little more “mastery” of stages 1 & 2. Everything is going as predicted except the “Toes to Sky” exercise. Tain’t workin’. My hips don’t go anywhere near off the floor. I can’t even feel where the strain should be. Any suggestions? If I do the exercise on a bench and grip the bench for leverage, is this defeating the purpose?


I think Ian king suggested that if one exercise was not progressing like the other you should continue on the problem exercise, but advance on to the others. So I would recommend keeping at the toes to the sky the way it is prescribed, and if you feel you have ?mastered? the other exercises in stage 2, move on to the next doing toes to the sky instead or in addition to the stage 3 equivalent. Also I think the bench would defeat the purpose of that stage.