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Toes Pointed Out


do any powerlifters here get knee problems from pointing your toes out and squatting moderately wide?

i saw a corrective trainer today and she said its loading all the stress on one side of the muscles which is creating imbalances and giving the knee pain, i see most olympic lifts not wide but with toes out, how does one fix this but still squat wide for competitions as it allows for most weight


Actually - pointing my toes out and squatting wide FIXED all my knee issues. I had the most problems when I squatted with toes forward and a medium stance. I get somewhat less of a problem with toes out and medium stance.

My rule of thumb is "Toes out all the time." also: everything I've read and what seems to work for me is having the knees travel towards the toes. Once you deviate from that track, you start getting knee problems.

And the trainer sounds a little off-base to me. I'm not at all sure you can overwork the posterior chain.


well see if it helps, but like i think the inside of the quad and glutes are starting to over dominate everything else...


That's exactly what you want unless you're a bodybuilder. Adductors and glutes and hams do all the work. Quads help out of the bottom and to stabilize on the way up.


to help balance things out though would toes in extensions help because it hits the outssside of the quad? when ive been doing these as a warmup my knee feels really good


Pointing your toes out could create more problems if your knees tend to cave in, but as long as you're keeping them mostly in line with your toes it shouldn't be hazardous to your knees.

Just a guess, but its possible that pointing your toes out is helping you hit a deeper squat position. This in turn could causing the knee pain, something which should subside once your body gets used to it.


hmmm it does help me get alot lower i think ive turned them out slightly more since moving my stance in slighty thanks for the tips


Sounds like a good enough reason to keep doing them to me.


anyone know the ligament like right below the knee, when u flez it pops up its just a straight one? thats the one thats been sorest right now which means the sides are recovered from squatting, or getting used to it and its the impact thats killing my knees since this happens every track season o_O, also yeh the extensions really warm things up i do toes in, out then straight and everything gets nice and loose, thanks for all the help guys


Do you mean the patella tendon? If so, then the impact from track could be hurting it. Also, if the muscles in the inside of your leg (VMO) are relatively weak and/or your IT band (on the outside of your leg) is overly tight, you can often get a sore patella tendon.


I remember a while ago Dave Tate posted something regarding using TKE's if you squat with a wide stance, cant remember what article it was in or if it was a q and a but if you search at elite im sure youll find it. If I remember correctly they solved his knee problems.


I squat very similar to what you're describing - no knee problems and I'm 30. Don't worry, you're not alone :slight_smile:


The straight tendon below the knee cap is the patella tendon. If that is painful or tender, it may be patella tendonosis (an overuse injury).

Pointing the toes during leg extensions has no influence on focusing on the quad muscles.

Tendonosis (the injury formally known as tendonitis) is commonly seen when there is a lack of control/strength/balance with movement.


aye probabally the running, which im off for 2 weeks, its getting better and ive been foam roaming the ic band and calves ect.. the dave tate thing i remember as well, wrapping an exercise band around the knees during light sets? have to try that, thanks for all the help