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Toe Story

Today, after working out and buying some groceries I came home with intentions of eating and going to the mall. (I don’t shop that much, but my mom talked me into at least looking at all the sales that are going on now). I am about to go…my boyfriend gets on his knees while standing erect so he can be about 4 inches shorter than me (We have about a foot difference in height) so he can actually hug me with ease.

His knee crushed my toe. It hurt us both. We both went on the floor in pain in opposite directions. My toe pushed into the soft part of his knee. My toe is broken :frowning: He is fine of course.

The doctor’s office is closed, so I go scrambling to the bathroom for the first aid kit so I can at least have a make do splint to control the movement. First aid kit wasn’t there. I remember it’s in my trunk. He runs down to my car to get it for me. He proceeds to lock my keys in my trunk. He calls a locksmith. Locksmith has problems coming in since my apartment complex has a remote controlled key to unlike the gate. That remote was on my key ring.

He is now my slave :slight_smile: I guess I’ll be taking a few days off from lifting weights, and I will remain in my bed all weekend :frowning:

Usually I wouldn’t post something like this but my boredom is driving me crazy. I do not like just sitting…sniff sniff

Here is my slave staying by my bed…

Nice toe. Nice foot.

My sympathies!

I once crushed my toe by dropping a weight plate on it. Most painful thing I have ever done, my toe was just a bag of mush. It hurt for a year.

Unfortunately, I did this to myself and did not win a slave as a result.

The lesson here is wear shoes at the gym, and wear shoes when hugging your clumsy boyfriend.

I’ve got a bit over a foot difference in height with my wife, but instead of going on my knees, I pick her up.

You might want to investigate this technique… :slight_smile:

Oh honey! That blows!!! I hope you heal quickly and easily. You need to get your slave to wear some black leather. :smiley:

I’ll tell you an even worse story that I was told by my mum the other day. This is sort of a bid to put a bigger smile on your face :slight_smile:

A few weeks ago in a nearby town, my mums work-mate was visiting a client - an old couple in fact. When she got in, she saw that the mans arm was in a huge plaster cast.

“korr, what the hell happened to you?!” she said to him.

He just gave her a bitter look and said in a withdrawn and mildly patronising manner,


It turns out that the man was gardening, bless his cotton socks. Now… there are a lot of pilons around the area they live and it just so happens that there is one practically slap bang in the middle of their back garden.

He was up on a ladder getting some ivy off the pilon, and all of a sudden he got a sting in his foot. A wasp had got into his welly and he was getting stung!

In order to try and get the thing out, he tried to shake his boot off while holding onto the pilon… His wife saw him shaking and writhing around and thought ‘SHIT! HE’S GETTING FRIED UP THERE!’ so she took the nearest object - a shovel - and proceded to whack him off this pilon.

“what the bloody hell did you do that for?!”

“I thought you were getting electricuted!” she says

It turns out he has a broken arm [in four places] and a huge foot, which had to be cut out of the welly, because he was stung 8 times and it had swollen up to the size of a rugby ball.

So… hopefully your story doesnt seem so bad now… and maybe you feel a little better too :slight_smile:

Wow! Weights crushing toes and bees stings… OUCH

Don’t worry, I know I have it real good right now. No complaints here, I’ll enjoy the time off :slight_smile: I just found my story of how it happened to be rather unusual…

What’s odd is that I’m usually the clumsy one, he is never clumsy :slight_smile:

Sounds like one of those “when it rains it pours” type of bad luck days! I’m sure you’ll be fine soon SG and back into lifting in no time at all.