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Toe position during squats

Coach Davies’s Nitro Squat article specifies toes pointed out during squats, but my trainer is specifying a toes-forward technique. My trainer’s stance seems to be borne out by Dave Tate, who says heavier lifters may point their toes out because of flexibility issues.

Is there a “correct” way, or is it mostly preference?



As long as your knees dont buckle on the way out of the “hole”, any way is good. most people preffer toes out nad are sufficiently flexible in the gluteus medialis and can “open up” their legs on the bottom and keep their knees from buckling.

again - its the knees that matter not toes.

Pointing the toes out is just short of a necessity for taller lifters. Attempting to do narrow squats inevitably results in terrible form and a back angle approaching 50 degrees.

But perhaps I misinterpret.

Many people are pidgeon-toed. Even more have feet that splay outward. Thus, in absolute terms, the appropriate toe position is entirely dependent on the person in question.


Great–thanks for the input.