Toe Pain when Blasting?

Kinda weird but has anyone had toe pain when blasting? IM 5 weeks into 500mg/wk. Most everything is great but my big toe started getting sore like I dug too hard with the scraper on the nail clipper. You know, to get sock fuzzies out. A couple days later my other big toe hurts like I cut the nail too short. I didnt cut my nails. Then my thumb tip hurst like I cut the nail too short. I did on that one but this is weird. I havent been tested recently so maybe e2. Im naturally really low so I dont take an AI, although I have some on hand.

I also just got a hot tub and maybe dont have the ph dialed in but no skin issues otherwise. Super weird as my feet have always been foot model level. I say that partly joking but, I have rarely washed but must be very ph balanced dirty biom feet that never smell and never have weird growth or nails. I was also thinking that the peroxide in my tub may have killed the good bacteria but maybe this is a common E2 or high T side effect?

Is that you my Russian Comrade? Have you moved to a new level of trolling? Very doubtful as all the spelling is correct.

Thanks, my spelling and grammar usually suck. Probably due to my fat russ, ah fingers.

No im serious. Its a weird ass thing. Im in my 40s with rarely a stinkfoot. I had another idea, maybe gout but, I dont drink so I dont know how that shit would happen. Im guessing my T is over 2500 by now and my e2 is probably close to 100 or so. Im usually at 1200 on 200mg/wk with an e2 of about 35. Forgot to say I’m a TRT patient.

My Russian Comrade made huge Thumb gains and grew new Vains will on ASS. Read this thread for comedic relief.

NO just No. That is pretty fucking stupid.
This forum really need a pharma specific moderator if it is ever able to get out of the rut it is currently in.

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Its stupid to have a pain/joint problem when blasting for the second time? Do we not retain water when our estrogen is high? Do I have a fuck ton of experience of taking this shit in high doses. Nope.

Sorry I asked I asked because all I get is a shitty answer from someone that spends their life on a fucking forum. I have other shit to do but, was 100% asking a genuine question considering the high amount of hormones in my body.

I was respectful. This is the kind of shit that makes people not want to ask questions in case. Why dont you moderate the forum, your on here constantly and seem to have issues with people asking questions that arent typical. If it was typical, I probably would have found an answer and wouldnt have pursued it here.

I guess also if its that stupid perhaps its my new hot tub killing off the good bacteria. Fuck I dont know but, Im sure I wont be putting too much out here in the future.

I know lots of shit about lots of shit. Getting jacked on T, no. I certainly wouldnt shit on people like that when Im the party answering silly questions. But whatever, most people are dicks.

I wouldn’t relate the toe pain to the test use. It could possibly be something simple like in ingrown nails.

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It may be something else but its not ingrown nails. It was one toe, then the other a few days later, and one of my thumbs. Youd think i get pedicures if you saw my feet. Silly but, thyeve always been weirdly unblemished.

I use hardcore h2o2 in my hottub and I havent had one for year since I moved so perhaps I just put too much in and those sensitive spots. Just weird that nothing else is having this issue and my wife isnt either. Plenty of sensitive bits.

I was expecting to maybe hear, yeah thats a weird side effect of high e2 or something. Not blaming the precious T, we know there can be tons of side effects with hormone use for certain people and I havent experienced anything but great results thus far.

But we also need to be able to appreciate comedy and not take everything so serious.

I was praying someone was going to come in and say YES this is a side effect of Test just to see what the OP would say next.

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YES… this is a side effect of testosterone. Testosterone may induce hypertension through modification of the RAAS system, 11-HSD inhibition, endothelial dysfunction (impaired vasodilator response to various stimuli) and various other mechanisms. Systemic hypertension induces vasoconstriction, excess vasoconstriction may reduce bloodflow too the extremities (hands, feet etc), narrowing of the blood vessels in those regions may lead to painful cramps.

I’m joking obviously, however there is a theoretical (albeit not the culprit) mechanism

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