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Toe Issues and Advice

I am having issues with my big toe and am looking for some insight. So my big toe on my left foot has felt like its been “asleep” or numb for at least a month, or maybe more like 6 weeks. Just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this type of issue, or any ideas of the cause and what a solution might be? Thanks in advance. And btw i am going to the doctors on monday.

Seeking medical advice sounds good. Maybe make sure you have all the information for them like when it started, other symptoms like pain or other areas feeling off e.g. lower back, when/if it’s better or worse, relevant past medical history or family history etc.

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Going to dr good call first off.

Are you diabetic? typically first question.

It could range from nerve impingement caused by bulging herniated disc to some form of diabetic / pereferral neuropathy. Could if be some of pereferral impingement.

Could also be blood flow restriction to the toe itself or to the nerve that inervates the toe.

There’s many more thing could possibly be these are the most common ones I have dealt with and not trying to scare you. They’ll do some manual tests and then MRI and if that doesn’t show anything maybe nerve conduction tests.

Most of what I listed is treatable via medication or therapy. Even herniated discs surgery is pretty noninvasive these days. (Still hurts)

I hope you get some answers and they figure it out quickly.

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Thanks man. None of that scares me, but knowing what are some potentials are good. Hopefully its nothing too serious