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Toddler Cockfights


So how does this make you feel?

I don't know I've seen cockfights, doesn't look like a cockfight to me, in a cockfight both parties are eager to spill eachothers blood.


Is this the one where the mom is basically teaching them to bully the others? Hit each other?

Saw it on the news...

Pro-death penalty here...


They said it was the father, and that he had psoted it on youtube.


It WOULD toughen them up, I suppose...


I love it when dumbasses video their stupidity and criminal acts in order to broadcast it for the entire world to see.


I remember this. Lost money on it.


They fuck you up your mum and dad
they don't mean to but they do
they give you all the faults they have
and add some just for you

But they were fucked up in their turn
by fools in old-style hats and coats
who half the time were soppy-stern
and half at one another's throats

Man hands on misery to man
it deepens like a coastal shelf
get out as quickly as you can
and don't have kids yourself

_Phillip Larkin


The kid who was winning seemed to be having a good time. I doubt they can hit hard enough at that age to do any damage beyond psychological. Of course that psychological damage ends up being more expensive to us when these kids grow into sociopathic criminals who beget 15 more just like them.


yeah lets just stop the propogation of the species.

We suck,

no I am just stuck here with this instance because out of context this is a horrible thing, and he stupid as hell for taping it.

But there are some instances where I would allow my child to get beat by a nother child.

If my child were a bully and didn't listen and was always picking on smaller kids I would probably instigate him getting a small beating from another child and explain see it doesn't feel good now does it, and try to teach him that he should treat others witht he same respect he gets.

now I am not condoing the video or what takes place cuz it does go too far.

But I do believe in general the american society is growing armies of castrated boys that have no idea what it means to be a male, to have masculine traits, to be protective and loving.

and that sickens me also.