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Todd23 vs Tom63


Todd and tom know what this is for.




Well Tom D. powerlifts so he will kick the shit outta any internet nerd....

Powerlifters rule,



I'm confused.


Don't worry, it's OK (I've seen your mating dance, I understand) :slight_smile:



Ahh, I see.

And I forgot I even posted that mating dance on here LOL.

I think I might use that on my wife again sometime soon. It's been a while...

Anyway, sorry Todd and Tom, I don't want to take anything away from your thread.

If we're betting, my money's on Tom.


I would pay good money to watch Tom vs. Todd.


Is a pre-emptive TSB alert in order?


It's a pretty damn funny fight they have going. I'll give it even odds, hard to say who'll have the edge at this point.


Their posts really inspired me...nothing gets a post humming along like a fight...if you can really call Todd23 vs Tom63 a fight...I've tried to start a fight with David Barr in another post by commenting on his lack of intellect and hideous appearence....I figure I'd start with someone my own size and work my way up....he's 5'4" and 167lbs right?


157, actually. he's bulking now.


Has anyone seen Tom & Todd around?

Maybe they made up and are having a private moment together...


They are posting...I think maybe they are just avoiding each other....the sexual frission between them is obvious.


The T-Nation forums. Bringing latent homosexuals together for over 5 years.

Not that theres anything wrong with that.