Today's workout music

There have been previous threads about “ultimate workout songs” but what did you listen to today? (This is going to wrap around to tomorrow on the East Coast, but oh well.)

I decided that today had to be the last day for this eclectic lineup in my MP3 player:

Heart to Hang On To - Pete Townsend and Eddie Vedder (live on letterman)
Electrolite - REM
Letting the Cables Sleep - Bush
Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
By the Way- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Daria - Cake
Linkin Park ? Crawling

Several tracks from Nirvana (MTV Unplugged):
Jesus Doesn?t Want Me for a Sunbeam
The Man Who Sold the World
On a Plain
Pennyroyal Tea

i have Slipknot’s first album loaded up in the MP3 player, its been in there a while,but it still gets me pumped…i may take some off and add in some Hatebreed,and Mudvayne…

Anything by Rage against the Machines
Let the bodies hit the floor Drowning Pool… Old school Metalica.

My MP3 player is completely loaded with Duran Duran music. But that’s because my wife has taken it over, as I’m not using it anymore (at least for a long while). I will have to disinfect it of Duran Duranitis once I get it back.

static-x, korn, linkin park… that stuff will get almost anyone around my age (18) pumped.