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Today's Workout Critique

Hey Everyone,

Still following Christian’s “Powerbuilding” type routine. Just finished a good workout today. I wanted to post it up for critique. Feel free to comment, add, or share your thoughts.

A2. ROWS 5X2
B1. Close-Grip Incline Press 5x5
B2. T-BAR Rows 5x5
C1. Dumbell Incline Press 3x8
C2. Bent Over Rows 3x8

My split consists of 2 uppers, 2 lowers.

In the Previous 4 weeks, I have been working in the rep ranges of 4-6, 6-8, 8-10 as my accumulation phase. I designed this based on CT’s principles for an Intensification phase as I have moved down in rep range brackets.

Now, my rep ranges consist of 2, for maximal strength, 5, for functional hypertrophy/strength, and 8, for some sarco hypertrophy.

I plan to try and add weight to the maximal exercises, and add sets to the hypertrophy oriented exercises/sets.

Legs are similar. Start with compound exercises. Rep ranges will match accordingly to the exercise.

I plan to load for 4 weeks and deload on the 5th, as I feel my body can load for a little bit longer, allowing for a more postive/stronger rebound.

Truth, looks pretty good. Could you please post the other three days as well? I would be interested to see how those days are structured. The powerbuilding structure seems interesting to me and I would like to see how another person applies these principles from CT.

O yea, could you tell us the major differences that you had from the accumulation phase to the intesfication phase that you are now in?


Yeah, no problem.


  1. BENCH PRESS 5x2

A1. CG Incline 5x5
A2. T-Bar Rows 5x5
B1. Low Incline Dumbell Press 3x8
B2. Bent Over Rows 3x8


  1. SQUAT 5x2

A1. Front Squat 5x5
A2. Good Morning 5x5
B1. Leg Press 3x8
B2. GHR 3x8

The other 2 days are Upper and Lower, just in a different working plane.

During the accumulation phase, I had a lot more volume, worked higher in the training rep brackets. Aimed for muscle mass. In this block, the is a lower set volume, more focus on strength while still inducing hypertrophy.

It seems that maybe you have done something similar, would u mind sharing?

Truth, thanks for explaining that.

So an accumulation block may have looked like this?:
Bench Press - 4x6
Bent Over Row - 4x6
CG Incline - 4x8
T-Bar Row - 4x8
DB Incline - 3x12
Seated Rows - 3x12

My routine right now consists of a Westside influenced routine. Still kinda similar I guess, we are both trying to lift heavy weights to get big. The powerbuilding idea seems something that I may consider using after I finish this next cycle up.

I was just glad to see someone apply these principles. It made it a little easier to understand.

No Problem

Your accumulation phase looks good, and is setup correctly.

Haha, what a coincidence. I am actually researching and studying up on Westside/Conjugate Periodization, hoping to setup a westside like program post my intensification phase.

Would you mind sharing your variation type westside?


-The Truth

Truth, no problem. It isn’t really that unique from the basic Westside template, though.

Here is my template:

Day 1: M/E Upper (Monday)
1 - M/E lift
2 - Horizontal Row 4-5x8-12
3 - Press Varation 3x6-8
4 - Rear Delt 3-4x8-10
5 - Bi/Tri supersett (if feeling good)

Day 2: Speed Lower (Wednesday)
1 - Speed Lift 6x2
2 - Single Leg 3-4x6-10
3 - Heavy PC 4x6-8
4 - Ab work 3x10
5 - Vertical Pull 3-4x6-8

Day 3: Speed Upper (Friday)
1 - Speed Bench/Rep Bench (6x3/4x6-8)
2 - Horizontal Row 4-5x8-12
3 - Lockout Work 4x3-5
4 - Rear Delt 3-4x8-10
5 - Whatever (possible extra rowing)

Day 4: M/E Lower (Monday)
1 - M/E Lift
2 - Heavy PC 4x6-8
3 - Light PC/Single Leg 3x10/3x6
4 - Ab work 3x10
5 - Yoke Work (shrugs/neck) 3x8-10

I am going to work in 4 week cycles for this. Train at this volume for 3 weeks, using the same exercises. Then deload on week 4 by dropping the M/E work and cutting the sets in half for the accessory work.

I’m not doing a 4 day split, but spreading then 4 workouts over 8-10 days.

Hey Buckeye,

Looks good! How is it working out for you.

In regard to my workout. I seems like it could also fit a westside classification? So would I be wrong if I classified it as a Westside Powerbuilding approach? Thanks.

-The Truth

Truth, it is working out really well. My strength levels are pretty close to what they were pre-football season. Last week I Floor Pressed 255x3 which is 10lbs more than I did in June for a set of 2. I won’t test my actual bench or squat for another 10 weeks or so.

Yea, your setup would certianly be close to a Westside approach. The only major differences that I can think of right now would be:

  • Splitting workouts up based on movement patterns.
  • Using multiple sets of low reps for the main exercse instead of working up to a rep max.
  • No speed work.

Now obvioulsy this doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your problem. It is just two different ways of doing things.

What I have really started to learn is that “Westside” is really just a template which to start with. It doesn’t lock you into a certian way of training. You have the max effort work, and then you find what is holding you back and train it to make it strong.

James Smith recently wrote an article on how he manipultated the template to best suit him by using SE presses on his typcial DE day, Jim Wendler talked about how he had to had make changes in his training to get over humps in his bench/squat numbers.


Sounds great! Keep up the good work.

Yeah, its all about tailoring your program to your specific needs.
As I am pretty explosive, I feel I can work on size and strength right now.

I actually started a thread called “Conjugate Sequence System”. There is alot of great info about the concurrent/complex system (westside), and the conjugate sequence system.

We plan to start building raw programs based on these concepts to illustrate the specifics and means of each type of training. It should be fun. So tune in!

-The Truth

Truth, yea if you are already fast there is no reason to keep training that when you feel you have other qualitities that need brought up.

Yea I’ve been checking that thread out and there is some good stuff over there.