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Todays the Day :(


AAaahh!!! Im about to do a 10km race in like 3.5 hours. Awell at least the party after will be fun, we're going to a rave.hehe.


Good luck with it Irvs.

Are you doing the run just for the hell of it or is there more to it?


its a charity run for mental health, only problem is its all bloody steep hills.
cheers for the incouragement man.


good luck make sure you've got lots of carbs and take some Spike or red bull or something before to give you that boost and extra endurance.


Have fun! I'm looking forward to running regularly again when my knee/hip stops acting up.

Oh, and in case you're concerned about getting all catabolic at the rave...



well lads dam that run was fun.haha. im well proud of myself as i havent trained for it in 3weeks as i broke my wee toe. just poped a load of pain killers, stuck it out and finished in a respectible 55mins. now party time in a few hours.


Way to go!




irvs, you did well. Love the charity that you chose, it's one that's close to my heart.

Take care of that wee toe and have fun at your party!


Kind of ironic...

Long steady state cardio and mental health

shoot me