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Todays Pull-up Workout

Since I am not training for any Chin-up contests, I have changed my Pull-up sessions from higher reps to using some weight in my routine. I am now working in a range which is more for hypertrophy. The following is a workout that I had this morning which began at 10:45. It took about 14:30 to complete this part of the workout. I will do about 6 weeks of similar sessions, twice per week. Attempting to add reps (up to 12) as I go forward.

I went slower on the way down, exploding on the way up. Chin clearing the bar everytime. Arms fully extended in dead hang form for every rep.

Warm-up 8 reps 4:00 rest

25lbs 8 reps :60 rest- Pull-ups
20lbs 8 reps :60 rest- Pull-ups
20lbs 8 reps :60 rest- Pull-ups
15lbs 8 reps :60 rest- Pull-ups
15lbs 8 reps :60 rest- Pull-ups
10lbs 8 reps :60 rest- Pull-ups
10lbs 8 reps :60 rest- Pull-ups
No Wt 8+8 partner assisted reps.-Chins

This was a killer routine for two reasons: The first, I am not used to working with weight. The second, I am not used to only a :60 rest period between sets.

I am looking forward to 6 weeks of this as it has really added a much needed shot into my normal routine. After the six week period I will then go back to my normal high rep Pull-up/Chin-up workouts. Pushing toward my goal of 40 straight dead hang Chins!

you are the fucking KING of chins. just wanted to say thanks again for your previous post - i’m gunning for 3 sets of 10 for chins at 250lbs. tell you when i get it.

Big D,

If you can do three sets of 10 at a body weight of 250lbs. you are the man!

Zeb that is killer.

I bet you will get some great changes in your back do to the shock of the change in program.

You are insane with those pull/chin ups, I only wish.

Keep it up. Go for a guiness record or something.

Zeb, what kind of chin/dip belt do you use? any links you could hook me up with?


I didn’t know there was a Guiness record for Chin-ups/Pull-ups. I wonder what it is? Do they have them for contiuous and for so many in 10 min or 60 min? I have no idea. But, I bet there are some guys out there who can kick my butt!


I have no idea if their is one or not. If not you should go set one and be the first!! I figured you would know.

I have just added both pull-ups and chin-ups to my routine, are they the best back builder?

Great job, That is unbelievable. Good luck at getting the 40 reps. I think my arms would fall off, if I did half of that.

My record pull-ups was 35 when I was 19, now can only do about 20. Whats your max ever? I weigh 72 kgs…and have for bloody ages!



I use a dipping belt on occasion. I also have some other “toys” that give me a different feel when I am on the bar.

I have a 10lb weight belt which I purchased at Power-Systems.com. I also have A weight vest which can go from 20lbs all the way up to 70lbs. I purchased at Weightvest.com


If you did 35 strict dead hang Pull-ups (not Chin-ups), you did an awsome job!

My weight is 187lbs as of this morning and my best Dead Hang Chin-ups to date is 34 clean.