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Today's Powerful Image 11/23


Oh mama.

I'm gonna be sitting at Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and I'll think of that picture and just pop a boner right then and there.

Babes with a posterior chain turn me AWWWWWWWWWWNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Usually I thumb through these P.I. pics like TV channels, looking for the next one. With this one, I unusually can't stop looking at her... I'm, Mesmerized.


Who is she and is the tat real or painted on for the shoot?

Never seen a piece that big in red like that before. A nice design.

And she looks amazing as well.


I agree, that tat on her looks really amazing, and i'm not usually a big fan of tats, especially on girls. She has some serious junk I would love to slam on.



She had a tattoo? She is amazing


The name is Dina Al-Sabah


Dark and Smouldering!


no words are needed


That Peek-a-boo Abs in bed shot may have been one of the most incredible picture i have evr seen.



Ummmm, can we find a way to keep this one up? Permanently? Mods? TC? Gotta make this happen...


an interesting photo of her ab development.

A couple websites I've found say she became a wrestler after getting beat up after a fitness competition.


Let this be a lesson to all Muscles are beautiful!


here is one of the quads...


Some stats from her website:

BIRTHDAY 2/28/74
HEIGHT 5'4.5"
WEIGHT 125lbs. Contest Ready
132lbs. Off Season
EDUCATION - B.S. Electrical

  • M.S. Telecommunications
    and Computers

  • M.B.A. Information
    Systems Management
    FAVORITE FOOD Godiva Chocolate Cake
    HOBBIES Dancing, Baking, Watching Movies

"36E-24-35" Isn't this close to whats considered perfect? By the looks of it, shes close enough.

And gotta love a girl with an edjamacation.


She's hot as hell, perfect measurements and she has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a M.S. and M.B.A. in Computers? Are you kidding me? I'm speechless, absolutetly speechless...