Todays Leg Workout

I guess it might be yesturdays as it is 3 am when im posting this, but thanks to my new Palm keeping track of my workout numbers is a sinch. (My training partner and I used to lose track of what set were on for 5x5, no joke)

You can check out my info on the <a href=Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION target=_blank>Race to 200 Thread I have put on a couple more pounds (Read 3) but have dropped to 7.6 BF% according to my BIA scale.

Here’s the workout, below the exercises are the different weights I used for each set. I am extremely tall and squat all the way down which is why my numbers are not so hot. Also for the hack squats the numbers are the amount I put on the machine as I dont know how much the sled weighs, when doing hacks I keep on my toes to completely destroy my calfs after all the raises.

Sept 23
Squats: 5x5
Standing Calf Raises: 5x5
Lunges: 5x5
Sitting Calf Raises: 5x5
Hack Squats: 5x5

What do you think? Something im missing?


Jordo, you dont really need to do both 5x5’s of calf stuff in the same day. How about doing the front of your calf instead of one of them?

Waterbury talked about putting a dumbbell between your feet and curling your toes up, basically working the front side of your lower leg.

Also you have 2 types of squats and lunges, might be a bit much. Are you going lightweight so that you arent worn out or are you using long rest cycles?

Along the lines of what Antiliberal was saying… try the dorsiflexion toe raises for your calves.

I can’t say what they will do for size/strength, but I incorporated them last week and I like 'em.

That’s the link to the article that explains how to do them(towards bottom of article)

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25 sets for legs? At the intensity that 5X5 is supposed to be performed at, there’s no ay you could do it properly and handle that much volume. Ican give you some suggestions if you’d like. I’m sure there are others that have an opinion.

I honestly think you’d do better with exercises in the 12-15 rep range.


I think Jordo will grow off anything right now if he’s eating enough.

“Something I’m missing?”

Yes, hamstrings. Unless you’re training them on a different day. You’ll need to incorporate some stiff-leg deadlifts or something similar.

Also, try “real” hack squats, not the “fake” machine ones. Real hacks are done by holding a barbell behind your legs and squatting down, and boy do they hit the quads. I believe a description can be found in the article “Forgotten Squats” by Coach Davies.


I agree with Rob Coates. 25 sets is not needed. Can you do them? Sure. But, I think if you cut back on your sets and pick up the intensity a bit you will have a better program.

First of all I don’t think at this point you need to be doing all the different leg exercises. You want some size, right?

Try this:

Warmup-20 reps (no weight)

That would be five total sets starting with a 20 rep warm-up. Make sure on the last rep or two you really start to feel that weight! By your 6th set your legs should be begging you to stop. At this point you will see that the other 19 sets are, not only not needed, but not doable at this intensity! Rest about :90 between sets and you will be done in 12 to 15 miniutes.

I find this type of leg training far preferable than to what you described.

Do this twice a week and I bet you will have some serious size in about 6 to 8 wks.

i know whats missing: WEIGHTS
dont take this the wrong way but 80 kg squats?!? (i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume its not 80lb)
drop the volume focus on 2-3 lifts and do some hamstring work.
and dont pull that im tall crap… my bothers a fukn giraffe i got him squatting heavier than that in a couple days. suck it up bro!
you should fukd by the end of a leg workout…

ok just read your blurb in the photo forum. 3 weeks of training… ignore what i said. a least you’re squatting. but deffiantely do more hammy work (SL deadlifts, good morning etc). keep it up…

Like I said, I’m sure that Jordo will grow off damn near anything as long as he’s eating. No use trying to science this deal out guys. Me and plenty of other people put on mass in the 80’s with a Weider manual in one hand and some extremely foul tasting Weider weight gain powder in the other. It ain’t rocket science at that stage.

Jordo: I agree, step up intensity and decrease number of sets. Also include deadlifts. I’m doing 5x5 right now, but I start with the most weight I can do for 5 reps, then if I have to drop the weight by 5 or 10 lbs I’ll try to wait until the 4th set. I’m getting stronger each workout, and my newbie training partners are gaining on me. The progress they are making is sick and it makes me wish I would have done OVT a long time ago.

Yea it is very sad, but I do only squat 80lbs. I have done 100 for 2 reps before but it was with poor form and if there is anything I’ve learnt from you guys is that form is almost always more important than weight. I was told once by a friend of mine, and a fellow T-Man with 3 years of lifting experience that a true squat is done on your heels, with your toes only there for balance, I have a little trouble with this sometimes as I try and rock forward if Im struggling with the weight, so to fix it I used these angled things I found around the power racks that pretty much force me onto my heels, these are however ALOT harder and lowered my weight substantially.

I can see where your comming from with the intensity part. But I do really feel beat after each workout, I always make sure that I have to “squeeze out” the last rep, even on my first exercise (squats). I will definately lower the number of sets, in retrospect it seems rather absurd.

I do deadlift, but I do them when I do my back, maybe that isnt the best day for them?

I’m sorry but I disagree that my height isn’t a valid reason for low weights. The leverage on my knees puts quite a load on my quads. I am not really bothered by this as a large frame is just more room to put muscle.

Im really glad you told me how to do “real” hack squats Patman, I really dont like the hacksquat machine, mostly because the line is always long for it, and because if I want to work in with someone and their doing 1/4 squats with 300lbs and I make them take off all the weight for my set there never impressed.

When I think about it, I have never really thought about the front of the calfs, Ive heard that if you walk around with your toes flexed up as hard as you can it exercises them, true? Perhaps this wont provide growth though and extra weight is needed?

The one thing I have the most problems with is eating, I am currently in school (20 hours a week of class, at least 30 a week of homework), I have a job, 25 hours, and I’m currently joining (you’ll hate me for this) a fraternity, so I am always on the go, finding time to make food is my #1 problem, but I’m working very hard on it, and have increased my calorie intake pretty substantially.

Thanks for the advice, it seems my leg program needs some work, I will read all the articles you guys have suggested and let you know what I come up with.

Thanks again,

Focus on the food and sleep now. Keep the program balanced and core. Try deadlifts on back day and a separate day for hammies; Olympic DLs, good mornings, SLDL, leg curls (guessing glute ham raise not an option), reverse hyper, etc.

Jordo, if you are joining a frat getting enough cals should be a piece of cake!

Pizza and beer, and more beer, and more beer…

I recall doing “piss calls” every tues and thurs nights at various frats and I dont think I ever wandered back to the dorm with less than 1000 cals in me that night… Add that to the regular 3000 cals or so of (what the dorm kitchen called) food in the day and I was on my way to gaining.


Your squat is not up there yet, but you will get there. Just keep on pushing.

I am 6’7" and I have the same leverage problem. I used to do squats to above parallel, but now I do them to just below parallel. I needed to go back to 40 kg (88 lbs) and am now back to using 90 kg (198 lbs) for 8 reps.

Another thing about squats: you said that the best way to squat is to press with your heels, using your toes as stabilizers only. Yes, I do agree with that, but - like you - I have a problem doing that as well. My advice: to hell with people telling you what the best way is! Most that tell you this have better bodies for squatting. I used to force myself using no board before, and I could not go down to 90 degrees at all, without tipping over. Now I use a board under my heels of approx. 1 inch thick, and I can squat like hell!

However, your leverage might be an advantage on the leg press, like it is for me. While my squat is shitty, I am mighty strong on the leg press (I can do 380kg/837 lbs for six reps).

What I mean to say is, find your own way to build your legs, and don’t let others discourage you. My legs are not too big either compared to the rest of my body (about 27 inches), but they’re getting there. You cannot do anything about your height, so live with it and find ways to make the most of what you have.

Have fun!