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Today's Gym Observations & Questions

Hey all,

First, I have a question. Since I don’t have a pair of flat bottom lifting shoes and I lift in my tennis shoes, is it OK to place 10’s on the floor so I do rock-bottom squats? If I don’t use the plates, I can’t go down the whole way.

Second, it’s amazing how much more quad development you get by going to rock bottom. I’m 20 now, and just started the rock bottom squats about 4 weeks ago. Prior to that in HS, our football coach only had us going 90 degrees… I may do less weight by going the whole way, but damn can I feel it more.

Thanks for your time.


Meat (hehe)-

I have problems with tight calves causing my heels to come off the floor with squats. Nonetheless, I’m able to squat rock bottom thanks to two changes I’ve made:

  1. Elevate your heels during your warm-up sets. Once the blood gets flowing and your body temp rises a bit, your calves and hip flexors will loosen up considerably.

  2. In between sets, train calves, particularly the soleus (as it is not contributing as significantly to the squat as the gastrocnemius).

Hope this helps.