Today's Guido and Luigi

Check it out.

Yeah, the author is quite obviously a reader here among some of the other decent boards.

I love these cartoons.

The material must come directly from T-Nation and its readers.

LMAO, this one should really be made a sticky. In fact, the link should be sent to every new member to view it.

And for those who wonder, yes the author is a T-Nation reader and sometimes active in the forum as well.

Darn, he’ll have to make an addendum involving Bruce Lee, and “good form”

Hey, that’s a good one!

“The Ultimate Sticky” should be available as a poster.

That’s fucking hysterical

I want to know who writes these…truly talented…although I guess technically we do, since we provide all the material.

I always forget to check that site, and then I spend two hours checking his archives…

This should do it.

“Now, get your ass back to the warcraft forum,”. Funny!



I think it really should be stickied. So we can point people to the comic instead of giving them an attitude or making the snide comment. If we make them read the comic first, then we can feel better blasting away at them.