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Today's Energy Drinks


Ok, let's face it. Since they removed the ephedrine, Red Bull is worthless. A strong cup of coffee provides more buzz and energy. Its also overpriced compared to all the competition which offes twice as much product for the same or lower price.

So what is now the best energy drink?

I say No Fear.

I've had it more than once, most recently last week mixed with Stoli Orange on Saturday night and it was ON. My buddy had it too, and it gave him instant "roid rage".
It really fires you up!

I've had the Sting, ROckstar, Arizona's drink, and the only one I feel aggressive and strong on is No Fear.



I simply take an ephedrine pill and drink any of the energy drinks (Ripped Force my fav) and get the same effects as before. But RedBull and Skyy vodka is awesome.


Hard to believe no one has an opinion on what's the best energy drink.

Did I offend the Red Bull worshippers?


I wonder if no fear is the same company that had " no fear " shirts w/ the skulls on em in the late 90's ..


Hmm, maybe I'll have to try an "energy drink" one of these days... I'm not in a hurry though.


Sobe makes the no fear ones I believe. Monster's are pretty good.


I like the buzz monster nothing compares so far. Although now that you mention no fear I will have to give it a try.


Check out XS Energy Drink, it kicks ass!


How about Spike and a big glass of water? Works for me! :wink:


go find some bawls. that is the greatest energy drink on the planet. screw all the others, for even more caffeine drop a caffeinated(sp) mint in it. taste great youll be up all night.


I've seen pictures at LANs where peopole drink 6+ bawls in the span of several hours.


Jolt was always pretty cool.

These days I like l-glutamine and some sulbutiamine.

Or coffee.

Red Bull has always been worthless, as are the Sobe drinks. The amounts of various substances in them are too small to accomplish anything except make label claims.



guys....Its allllll about ZipFizz....its a powder that you get at costco, pre-portioned tubes that are made so you just add it to your 12 once waterbottle and go...doesnt do much mentaly but you get a kick for a LONG time...


just got this last week works good so far.


i reckon no fear is the best energy drink, it also comes in a bigger can


I pretty much live on this stuff. Don't know how you can beat the no sugar, 8 kcals, loads of B vits, herbs and caffeine for kick - and six flavors!

Rootbeer's pretty sweet, too....

Mixing is a hell of a lot more fun when you have the different flavors to choose from, also. Parrot Bay and the grape-cranberry is my fav, followed by Maker's Mark and cherry.

I'll pick up any of the other brands out there from time to time (mainly because I didn't plan ahead) and they all taste pretty much like the same lemony-limey-citrusy crapola and don't do much in the "energizing" arena.