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Today's Cool Tip...

Well i did the test and my elbows are SLIGHTLY bent. im not stressed so i know its not that. are there any exercises i can do to fix this? i heard once i think they were called… lying cuban presses or somethin? anyone know? thanx fellas

Yeah, can I get some more info on this one? Granted LL is a hell of a lot more edumucated than I am, but I don’t walk around with my arms locked-out at my side and I don’t think I’m overtrrained or anymore stressed out than the average Joe.

Well, since the other option is being overtrained… Why dont you take a few days off.

You just gotta relax man. It’s the result of too much muscle tension, which more training is not gonna help. Get a massage, have a hot shower and stretch.

Listening to some Enya may help too.

And try to not bend them. Think “straighen arms” and keep them that way.