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Today's 'Cool Tip'

Today’s training tip comes from John Davies:

Overtrained or Just a Wuss?

Given that manual labor plays such a minimal role in most peoples’ lives, it’s laughable that the idea of overtraining even comes up. Also, many confuse fatigue with overtraining or undernourishment. Don’t confuse “overtraining” with fatigue brought on by poor diet, poor sleep habits, or even the psychological process of not being comfortable with working hard.

It’s no wonder that most programs written today are for students, professionals, or white collar workers (desk jockies), or things along that line. I do construction work and just started training seriously for a pl’ing meet in April. It is alot of work trying to balance volume and progress with working. What I’m beginning to learn is that I have to take what works for me, and discard the rest, for now.