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Today's Clean & Jerk


As you can see, I need to fix some technical issues in this lift. Advices will be very very much appreciated.


i'm interested in the evaluation of the video, because if i fail a clean and jerk; it'll be on the jerk and the weight will go behind me like in the 2nd video.

anyone know any reason for that?(my FAILED jerk form is the same as in the 2nd video)


Your clean is looking pretty good, just learn to get under it fast, this will come in time. Your jerk needs two minor adjustments. 1) When you dip, it is almost completely because you bend your ankles and nothing else. Your ankles should bend, but you should stick your butt out as well. You should do these two things while going down in a straight line. Also, I'm not sure if this happens in the video, but when you dip, don't the bar separate from your rack position. 2) Push your knees out to the side when you dip.


Thx alot for your advices. It's true that I'm too slow under the bar for the clean, that's why this is my max. weight although I'm sure I could easily stand up with 10-15 kg more, just can't get quick enough under the bar. As for the jerk, I always thought I only have to dip in a straight line and was afraid that by sticking my butt out I would lean too much forward. Good to know I was wrong :slight_smile:


Completely disagree regarding the jerk. You do need to keep your hips under you otherwise you will lean forward. Keep your dip the way it is but do the following things: 1) shorten the dip so that you can turn the bar around faster, 2) make sure your weight is completely on the heels during the dip and drive (your weight shifts forward to the toes on the dip), 3) bend your back knee when you split and focus on going down rather than splitting wide. You rely too much on stepping your front foot out that you end up losing the bar behind. Finally, 4) keep your abs and butt tight, it looks like you trunk collapses a bit on the bottom of the dip.

Heres an example of a good jerk that does 1, 2, and 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjo9VV3pKUk

I agree that on the clean youre too slow on getting under the bar. You need to drop as soon as you feel it pop off your thighs.


When you attempt to stick your butt out while keeping your chest up, one negates the other and the result is a straight line. At least this is the case for me.


See what I mean, in that video her butt sticks out a bit.


Something that helps to get under faster is to shuffle your feet out a bit wider... you gotta play it because the distance varies between individuals.

p.s check this site


Thank you all for the help. I will try to drop faster in the clean. It's just that I often don't finish the second pull, that's why I hesitate to drop too fast. As for the jerk, weight on the heels and keep abs and butt tight, understood :slight_smile:

I already know that site, I've seen all the videos from cal strength, they are awesome :wink:


Catalyst had a hint for not letting the bar separate from the rack position in the Jerk (a problem with I have):

"A common problem with the jerk is dropping out from under the bar at the initiation of the dip. Any separation of the bar from the shoulders at this point will destabilize the lifter and make the upward acceleration of the barbell more difficult. If this is happening even with lifters who are consciously trying not to dip too quickly, try actively tightening the quads for a moment before initiating the dip. We often stand on a passive knee-lock; if we initiate the dip of the jerk from this passive lock, there will be momentary slack in the legs, which will cause an unavoidable and uncontrollable sudden drop from the top. By tightening before the dip begins, we can remove any slack from the system and maintain control."

I found that doing this, along with focusing on keeping my chest up and upper back tight, has helped with my Jerk .


You shift your weight around in your jerk as a result. Dreschler's Encyclopedia covers the jerk and describes the importance of a vertical and rigid torso with no horizontal component.


The point I'm trying to make is that when you dip while only bending at the knees/ankles, and letting your butt follow along for the ride, you go forward, which is not a good thing. So in order to go down in a straight line, you must bend your ankles/knee AND counteract that possibility of going forward with sticking your butt out. Your butt may not actually look like it is going back from a side-view video, but the intention is there. This is what I do and I was taught by one of the few regional USAW coaches in the U.S. (Dr. Brechue) so I'll take his word for it.


PB Andy wrote:
When you attempt to stick your butt out while keeping your chest up, one negates the other and the result is a straight line. At least this is the case for me.

I agree. Our head lifting coach stresses this. its like sitting back at the beginning of squatting. it increases your driving ability so much.


I've never understood why they call it the clean and jerk... I usually have to do it the other way around.


You go forward only if your weight is not on your heels during the dip and drive. Look at this lifter, Her butt and torso drop vertically with no horizontal component whatsoever (and no intention of sticking her butt out):

Artie Dreschler is an international level coach and he wrote the most comprehensive book on weightlifting. Do you what you want, you can continue to shift your weight on jerks. Im just objecting to telling other people to push their butt out because most people will lean forward from this, esp the OP who is soft on his dip to begin with.


My weight is not shifting on the jerks, I can tell you that. On Saturday I C&J'ed 135kg, my jerk does not move forward or backward at all. It goes straight up, I know this because my recovery is quite easy.

Regardless, I really do think we are talking about the same thing and that we espouse the same technique; we are just explaining it differently. What I am saying is this: NO, you do not have any horizontal component, you should be going straight down. We agree on this. BUT, if you let your butt follow your heels with no hip drive, YOUR BUTT WILL GO FORWARD. Therefore, to make the butt go STRAIGHT DOWN, you have to SIT BACK in your hips while your KNEES ARE GOING FORWARD. This causes you to go STRAIGHT DOWN. I repeat, there is no horizontal component.

Like I said, I really do think we are on the same page. I see the girl in the video sitting back in her hips in order to go straight down; you don't. That's OK.

Best of luck in your training, and this is my last word, lol.


Your dip and drive is suppose to be completely vertical. Your bum does not stick out, it's not like sitting back at the beginning of a squat. You should squat down in a squat, not backwards...but thats for another thread...

Weight on your heels
rock solid torso, if your soft you lose a lot of power
Dip with weight on heel.
Tuck chin back, if you don't the bar has to go AROUND YOUR FACE = BAD. The bar should go up in a straight line,
If you finish your drive COMPLETELY you will go on to your toes, this will shift your weight forwards as your on your toes

THIS is now a crtical point, your hips move too far forwards and your shoulders do not and you punch the bar a bit too far back = it will go behind you.

IF your shoulders were OVER YOUR HIPS your recieve position would have been good, but your shoulders were behind, and you punched the bar slightly too far back = it'll go.

Clean line is good imo. Get a video of you doing 95, I bet you can do it.



The two cues that I would give in regard to your jerk:

1) "sit to your heels" during the bend
2) "push yourself under the bar"

One way to word things that seems to help some people get under the bar quicker on the clean is the following: While you are applying force to the bar to accelerate it upward, you are also applying force on the bar that is pulling your body under the bar. "Pull/shrug yourself under the bar."

The following is a link to some quality, in-depth articles on weightlifting technique.



When practicing your jerk for the next few weeks, try pausing at the bottom for a full breath(exhale and inhale.) You won't be able to go quite as heavy, but this will improve your mobility and activate new muscle tissue. Then, when you go back to normal, you should notice an improvement.