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Today We Mourn Liberty


Today is the day we mourn liberty
For most of us have blindly sided with tyranny
The perception of misconception is perpetuated
While the essence of our being is alienated
The world which we see is a world that cannot be
Providing a false reality, giving no apology
The unknown is known, but those that know feel alone
Like a dog without a bone, a kite never flown

The architect of doom, concocts a plan to make the world go boom
We are off, concerned less of the world and more of a burger eating David Hasselhoff
Stand up and make some noise
If you are a being that has an ounce left of poise
They lie to no end to defend
The world they have created around the bend
Reach out your hand and they will lend
The pills, the bills, the corrupted good will

As we walk through the valley of the shadow of death
Know that it is, but our soul which we will have left
So do something with your life, do not trife
Bring joy and delight, not sorrow and blight
We are beaten to a pulp
Our last gasp of air, our last gulp
Do not fear to stand up and say â??Heyâ??
For god is always at your side, till the very last day

This is not a scripture of despair
Share, be fair, show some compassion and care
Wake up before our world begins to decay
Do not always obey, let your spirit be put on display
Know there is always time for change
Evil into good we must rearrange
Liberty must be resurrected, before we let ourselves
Be so affected by the people which we have elected.

a slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him - Ezra Pound


The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.â??

Ayn Rand


You know, I've always liked what I have heard that guy say....I think it's time to hit wikipedia.


EDIT: Interesting. Not sure what I think of the guy now...


That might be disappointing.


That sounded like a rapsong

anyway, the government is screwing us over,
that's their job


I was going to mention that Pound wrote a short novel describing his time as a prisoner of the French in WWI: The Enormous Room, that is until I remembered that ee cummings wrote it. I still recommend the story.


Nah lol, its a poem I wrote.