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Today was good when it shoulda been bad

I was going to the gym today feeling really lethargic, not particurlarly wanting to train and pretty sure that it was going to be a bad training in general. Normally I can pick myself up for anything but today there was no chance. Anyway, today as i was warming up this powerlifter i know was training. He was in a high volume phase of training and going really hard. He was doing 8 sets of 5 for squat, bench and deadlift … the weights were soo heavy, his focus was amazing and he just kept going and going. I was like wholly shit… this is what training is all about. He had this crazy look in his eyes, kinda like ‘the eye of the tiger’ as described in rocky 3. So as i was warming up i fed off his energy and made PB’s in bench, deadlift, powerclean, bent over rows and chins. It was haeven we had that whole section of the gym to ourselves just feeding off eachother. I had probably one of the best trainings of my life when otherwise i would have gone in got my shit done (but nothing more) and left. I have always been a loner in the gym, but im going to rethink that!

I hope things weren’t done in that order, as Power Cleans should be done first in the workout. Not only that, but your lower back would really be taking a shit kicking. I hope you mean PR’s for reps, maxin’ out on all those in one workout would take your nervous system about 2 weeks to recover.

So much of training is attitude. One day I had a sour stomach that didn’t allow me to eat anything for the whole day. I of course planned on taking the day off for training until the last hour of work when a co-worker/strongman buddy of mine gave me a copy of the Ken Patera and Alexander Kurlovich stories in MILO. I was so pumped up after reading about my two heroes I went in anyway and equalled my best lifts. All attitude.

That is what the hell being a T-man is all about. Just you, your motivator and one corner of the gym. For just a moment in time you can be a god your own god with power that comes from a endless abyiss…Just you and the weight…soo simple but yet soo much more!

When people ask why do we force ourselves to go to the gym, that’s why. There’s few feelings better than after a great workout when you think you’re going to have a sucky workout.

I couldn’t agree more. For some strange reason, whenever I don’t get enough sleep the night before, I always think my workout is going to suck, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone in there sleep-deprived or if I had a really shitty day and still tore it up. When I played competitive soccer (club, HS and collegiate level), three of the best games I’ve ever played in my life came while I was deathly sick. When I used to play keeper, I held the reigning NE state champs scoreless up until about ten minutes left in the game, and I had a temp. of 101. Best game I ever played; however, afterwards I was an absolute mess, though. Funny how shit works like that sometimes.