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Today The Last IM...


Today I have done my last IM of Test E.
Now I'll continue proviron and then start my PCT(Nolva and some supplements).

By now the gain in mass is at +22lbs.

Hope to keep as musch as possible :wink:


How does it look, lean dry gains?


It's dry and solid.. nice "mass".
I have used adex for quite all the cycle so no sides from E...


How many weeks did you go for? I saw your thread earlier but can't recall. I like your cycle, if/when I try one that is the one I will do.

Also, was there any hair loss. I heard proviron is known for this if you are prone to hairloss.


my cycle was 10 weeks long.
basically test E 250mg x2 at week for all the cycle.
The first week of winny (oral) at 20mg ED
other 3weeks at 30mgED

then the 9th and 10th i added 50mg ED of proviron. Now i will put proviron at 100mgED

all oral (winny, proviron, nolva) are paper from RediCat. The Test E is BD also from the friendly cat...

as a first cycle i am really happy... i really didn't hope to get so much in mass and strenght (on bench press, my 1RM became 5RM.....)

no hairloss so far, a bit of acne (but i already have it..) no loss in libido, better "sex drive" (i love testosterone), great mood and focus...

The only side i get was a bit of hitch (sp?) on my right nipple nut Adex take it down fast :wink:

I'm already planning my next cycle :smiley:

by now i am at 105kg, 18%bf, 170cm tall