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Today Only EDT

If you wanted "The complete Guide to EDT"DVD
and have not ordered it yet then do so today. 1 day only -$50 bucks plus a free download product from yours truly ( I am getting back at Charles for making me work today). email me a phone number to julianne@staleytraining.com and I will call you !

Today only though and all day until midnight-Jules

Hey- I dug up tthe Gear review on this DVD if it helps anyone:

Escalating Density Training was first introduced to the world on T-Nation back in 2002. Since then, EDT has grown into a hugely popular training program. Charles Staley even talked about EDT on a Today show feature. (Rumor has it Katie Couric developed a crush on Charles and wouldn’t stop calling him late at night asking about his “density.” Then again, I could be totally making that up.)

A Complete Video Guide to Escalating Density Training is the first DVD on the topic of EDT. This almost four-hour video has five main sections:

Chapter 1: Introduction to EDT

Chapter 2: Welcome to the PR Zone, Part I

Chapter 3: Welcome to the PR Zone, Part II

Chapter 4: Questions and Problem Solving

Chapter 5: Bonus ? Lifting Biomechanics

The DVD begins with a discussion between Charles and Tim Larkin, FDA certified big, mean lookin’ sumbitch and creator of Target Focus Training. This is interesting stuff, but if the viewer had no clue what EDT was, he may have a tough time figuring it out based on this intro. The training system just isn’t summed up clearly for the EDT newbie. No big deal really; just read any of the free EDT articles on this site and you’ll be up to speed.

The PR Zone sections are the gems of this DVD. Here you get to see trainees actually go through two 15 minute PR Zone workouts. If any aspect of EDT was confusing to you, watching these actual workouts will really make the program click in your mind. It’s also fun watching Tim Larkin sweat through his shirt after only six minutes of EDT!

The problem solving section is a handy Q & A where Charles addresses the most common questions he’s received in the last few years about EDT. Finally, as a bonus, Charles and Tim go through a hands-on lesson about lifting biomechanics (basically, good form).

Is the video worth getting? If you’re confused about how to set up an EDT program, then yes, pick this DVD up. If you want to learn more about EDT beyond what’s in the articles and book, yes, buy the video. If you have the EDT book, have read all the articles about it on T-Nation, and know the system like the back of your hand, then you probably don’t have to have the video, though you’ll still pick up a few tips. I certainly did.


This is an awesome deal and I cant beleive the lack of response. You all are nutty. Id order it but all ready have it. Thansk though Jules for the offer.