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Today? Just Not Feelin' It...


What do ya'll tell yourselves on the days when lifting seems like the last thing you wanna do?


Does not compute?

If you don't like lifting, why are you doing it?


Just get in there with the mindset "Ok i'll just do one main exercise and give it all i have" then you do one more exercise, then one more....

Before you know it you have done the whole workout. I do this on leg day quite a bit, lol.


How 'bout this?


go, do your main lift(be it squat, deadlift, bench) and see how you feel, more than 90% of the time you will get pumped up and end up doing all your workout.

if not, at least you done the most important thing, come back next day to kick ass.


All you need it motivation. Here you go bud..




seriously one of my favorite quotes of all time just got raped.


Sometimes I'm happy I only have basic cable haha........


i'm happy i don't watch television


big difference between not feeling like lifting and not being ready/prepared to lift. i've never not wanted to lift because other shit was way more cool or demanded all of my time, we always have time to "get it in." sometimes it's a matter of needing more food, resting a bodypart that isn't ready to be taxed again, mentally not being ready...these are reasons to "sometimes" stay home but if you find yourself missing days and justifying it w/ bullshit you need to question if the lifestyle of gym life is for you. you can't make folks like to lift, if you don't enjoy it for yourself you'll undoubtedly quit.

if i ever hit 3days w/out the gym in a row i want to kill something and am generally not happy. 5 days a week a year, if it's ever 4 days it's likely 6 days the next week.


OP, maybe your tired or have not eaten enough?
Whatever it is, I say just move your rest day to this day. Try and work out when you usually do feel tired/not willing to lift, and try and incoorperate your rest day to this time.

Go drink a protein shake, watch some porn, and get some sleep my friend.



my eyes!!


Some days, you're just firing on all cylinders, and some days you're not. If I'm not into it on a given day, I can back off on the intensity and focus more on volume, figuring that I can use cumulative stress instead of my typical lets go to war intensity. I've done workouts in the past where I've just picked one exercise (usually a compound), and just done as many sets as I can for 20-25 mins.

After which, I leave and don't obsess about whether it was productive or not. It's like when you have an injury, or even the beginnings of one; you focus on damage control, or maintenance instead of progress. In the long run, it's a good thing.



I usually force myself to get in the gym and see how i feel after a few sets. The lack of motivation is usually shooed away by the feeling of getting under a bar.

Of course sometimes that doesn't work and you need to autoregulate. If you feel like crap leave. You wont shrink in a day.


Similar for me- As long as its not two days in a row I don't obsese about having a bad day in the gym. Sometimes its good to take the time off.


I've had days where I had to drag my ass into the gym. My focus in all sectors was not there. But somehow these turn out to be the best workouts I've ever had.

I can never figure that out.

Conversely, there have been days where I was overly psyched for a session, and the workout ended up like shit.

Go figure.


On a serious note. Some of the best workout I had is when I didn't "feel" like working out at first.

If you're a beginner, I say stick to the plan. If you're more advanced, maybe that's your body telling you to take a rest. But even then, you won''t really know until you get under the bar.


That's more common that you might think.

Feeling great doesn't equal a great workout


A bad work out is better then no work out.