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Today is a Great Day for America!!


I am officially a level 3 now guys!!! Wooohoooo!!!

Now I just gotta start lifting weights and I'll really start to fit in around here! Sweet!!!





Which you can use to fuel your FORCE SPECTRUM RAMPING SETS?


well played.


Everyday is a great day for America. Try and stop us!


Damn that bitch is hot.


She is but I look like a lesbian creeper at work. Suzie change your avatar or it's on!!!



x2 She's sexy as hell, but that means that image has downloaded to my computer and is on my work hardrive, so if they decide to Audit my PC i look like i've been downloading port. FML Kerley!! If I get fired over your avi you gunna have Heck to pay. Heck I SAY!!!


its on Then!


Excuse me sir, this thread is for level 3's and above. You level ones can go play in the Seinfeld thread.


You do have a funny avatar tho, i guess I'll let you slide this one time. But no more shenanagens from you...


so does that make me king of this thread? :smiley:


You're a 2008'er... Give me a break... I was buying Biotest while you were still sucking on your mommas teet, you lil fuk!



Ha! My momma's teet gave out Metabolic Drive (natural flavor)


^ You couldn't get chocolate outta her?? She must not really love you! Just sayin


thought this was a thread on Craig Ferguson...anyway, congrats on level 3


level 0 reporting. now, where's my vitamin shoppe card?