Today, I come to You a Broken Man...

Her name was Pinky and to me she was the best dog ever. A pitbull by breed and had the typical characteristics of one; strength, loyalty and tenacity. What really made her special were her mannerisms and the way people say she ‘acted’ like a human. The type of pitbull that even if you were scared of the breed, she would be able to make you feel at ease them. The type of pitbull who had unyielding strength. Within the last few weeks of her life she lost the use of her hind legs but still managed use her front paws and upper body to climb the stairs to be by my side while I slept. I’ve been ballin’ my eyes out intermittently these last couple days. I will miss her dearly…

Sorry, brother.

When cut down, we grow back stronger.

That’s horrible man. I’m sorry to hear that. I had two pitbulls until they both died a couple years ago (one blue nose and one red nose). The red-nosed one died of old age and the blue-nosed one (who was still a couple years younger) died six months later from depression I guess. I’d had them both since the blue was 8 weeks old. They’re great dogs. If I get another one, that breed is the only one I’ll consider.

It’s like losing a family member. My cat had kittens and we had to put one down as it had some complications. When I saw it in the box lifeless, that day was very depressing. I remeber it like it was yesterday it being 5 years ago. I refuse to get animals for the fear of one day losing it.

Sorry to hear man.

Man, sorry to hear it.

It’s such a tough thing to go through!

That is a really touching photo.

Beautiful dog. I have a Pitbull as well and sometimes I think of the day he will be gone, that’s going to suck so bad!

I’m really sorry man.

I’m sorry, Seize. It’s hard as hell to lose a beloved pet.

Keep strong brah.
Better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.
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I’m so sorry :frowning: I recently had to put my cat down and I know how hard it is.

Ah man Im sorry for you I know the feeling.I teared up a bit when I read that because It reminded me of losing my dog.

condolences man. We almost had to put our dog down about a year ago, because of some health issues. Luckily it got straightened out, and she’s still with us, but man, I was crying all day, just thinking about life without without my pooch. my eyes just welled up reading OP, sorry for your loss man.

Sorry for your loss, it’s as deep as losing a family member, can’t imagine what it would be like for the same to happen to us. Hope you get better. Stay strong as always.

I feel sorry for you. I have seven dogs and really don’t want to think about when their times will come.

Here’s a great quote:

Near this spot are deposited the remains of one who possessed Beauty without Vanity, Strength without Insolence, Courage without Ferocity, and all the Virtues of Man, without his Vices. This Praise, which would be unmeaning Flattery if inscribed over human ashes, is but a just tribute to the Memory of Boatswain, a Dog. ~George Gordon, Lord Byron, “Inscription on the Monument of a Newfoundland Dog”

Sorry to hear about that man.

I had to put down my little Molly a few months back as she was very sick.
It’s never fair when we lose those we care about.

Stay strong bro, time doesn’t fix it but it makes it better.

Damn, man. I always get choked up when a good dog passes.

Hell, the week before last I was getting all weepy eyed when my dog hurt her shoulder playing. No matter where I went she would be right behind me limping and looking up sheepishly because I was getting mad that she wouldn’t lay down to rest and heal.

She’s part pit and has that big goofy wide as her head grin when she’s happy.

I don’t know what I’d do if the three pits I helped raise had to be put down. Your description fits Bailey, the big boy, to a T. I’m truly sorry for your loss, and I hope you manage to heal in time.

Within the last few weeks of her life she lost the use of her hind legs but still managed use her front paws and upper body to climb the stairs to be by my side while I slept.[/quote]


That is beautiful, I’m really sorry about your baby <3

I’m sorry…

Sorry to hear that mate

I have 2 dogs and can’t even bear to think about them passing on.

Keep your chin up mate