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Today I became a man

I did my first workout with squats, 5 sets of 8ish at about 95 pounds weigning in at 200 6’3" aprox 12% bf. I AM THE MAN! Now I can barely walk… I think I did aight considering that at my gym there isn’t anyone I can emulate and look at form and such… had to get info from the net and animated gifs.

Welcome to the club, buddy! I’m impressed that you decided to stress form rather than weight. Keep it up and the weights will go up pretty quickly.

that’s the only good part of starting at a freakishy low weight… is that it goes up every week and you feel great at the progress. I wasn’t focusing on tempo (tho I was doing ems pretty slow) and I was a bit wobbly favouring my right side… man what a wake up call compared to machines. I feel like I never worked legs before (used to do those squat machines and leg extensions). I’m still confused as to leg position and the actual movement. Any tips?

Congratulations dood!!!

Yay! It’s humbling and empowering at the same time don’t you think? I only lost my squat virginity about 8 weeks ago, after 17 months. I started at about the same sets/weight as you and couldn’t walk normally for 4-5 days. Since then the weight is up over 50% whilst maintaining what I believe to be good form, and I only get ‘normal’ pain the next day. Guess I’ve got a lot of catching up to do though, as the leg press leaves me with mild knee joint aches. Are there any supplements that can assist this?

I’m in no position to dictate form, as I too learned from the net since my gym is rapidly turning into a ‘cardio & sunbeds’ hangout and nobody seems to do them. I found that if I keep my feet a little wider than shoulder width, and toes slightly outwards it feels more comfortable. I also place focus on getting my butt back and sinking right down (okay only to parallel when at my puny max weight).

yall are really pissing me off. i havent squatted in six months because of knee pain. i finally found an art provider within 100 miles and im calling him today. luckily he is covered by my insurance. hes an instructor also so im sure he knows his stuff. maybe i will be able to boast about my squats with yall in the coming months.

T-Bam foot placement is similar to what I use and I’m also 6’3" 205lb, so we have a similar body size. I also make sure to keep my eyes staring towards the top of the wall that I’m facing. Also, I tend to try to spread the floor apart (like Dave Tate’s article says) when I’m using a stance outside of shoulder width.

Good job!!! Don’t worry the strngth will come fast. I had to start over after knee surgery at 135 and a year later i’m back to normal. keep it up.

Hi there bud, I think you got me confused with Freebie there. I’m only 190lb and 6’0"…today…but today is also the first day of my new Mag-10 cycle, and unlike last time I’ve prepared my diet to match the 400p/500g recommendations with 1 1/2 doses per day. Just done finished my first workout and I feel Grrreat! (I’m so excited I can’t wait for tomorrow morning :o)

Thanks for the squat info, I too look up slightly as it seems to position my back in the right place, and also make sure my knees are always behind my toes. Always thought that squats would be tough on the knees, but my biggest fear is that my butt muscles will rip :o) But that leg press, man that’s a different story…Take care all

Yeah I too just did squats for the first time this WED. my knees finally got better from the excessive street ball I used to play. I did 175lbs for 3 sets, is this any good?

Actually I was not getting you guys confused, but I reread my post and I can see what you meant. I meant to say: use a similar foot spacing and placement to what T-Bam mentioned. Best of luck on your MAG-10 cycle. Eat big, train hard and you’ll grow like crazy.

Well I decided I can’t miss out on all this fun. I’m no newbie to squatting, but I just had an 18-week layoff due to illness etc. and I had been doing them as part of Meltdown for the four weeks prior. Got back in the gym on Monday and you would’ve thought I’d never done them before. Did a very humbling 18555, ass-to-grass @4-0-2, which is about 100 lbs. short of my normal. Tonight I work up to a 2-rep max, and I don’t want to even think about how much I’ve lost on this. Luckily I gain strength back quickly after layoffs so like Goldberg, I look forward to the day I can be proud of my lifts again. Congrats to you newbies for incorporating the single most productive exercise (up there with deads/cleans) into your program, and keep hitting it hard.

I have a friend that started this week he did 135lbs for six four sets and was wounded for a week. squats will make you the man for sure.
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Tip: Before you begin the descent, take in a “deep” breath
and fill your diaphragm with air. Don’t start releasing it until
about one-third the way up on the ascent (through slightly
pursed lips). This oft neglected aspect of squatting (the breath)
is “key” in maintaining intra-thoracic pressure, which stabilizes
the spine. Doing this will make you much stronger while “in
the hole,” all the way through your ascent!