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I know that tobacco is bad, I know about vaso constriction and rapid heart rate and increased blood pressue, not to mention cancer, I know that it's bad so please don't attack me on those aspects. Unfortunately the two best times to put a dip in are after eating and after lifting, which is when nutrient uptake is most important.

My question is are there any adverse effects to putting a dip in after consuming my Surge and creatine more so that just the usual dipping throuhout the day.


Only one I can think of. What side of your face are you comfortable losing?


I agree those are the best times to chew, also after drinking a beer. But just quit it. I have been off for 2 months and my mouth and body feel so much better. I understand that its a long time from now until those side effects will take place but one day they will come. Plus you only get one body so use it wisely.

Chew will kill it.

Best of Luck



Having been a smoker I understand where the question is coming from, but now being an ex-smoker I have the attitude that if you dont care enough to quit chewing, why do you care whether there are any adverse reactions with mixing it with Surge.


Thank you everyone for your inspiration on getting me to quit and I'm truely not saying that sarcastically. I quit before for a year and a half and then I went back to school and was too stressed out and started chewing again. And I may quit again; however, I have tried recently and it's not as easy as it was the first time, but one day I'll get it again. The reason why I concerned about it is for two reasons. 1. It's good to have knowledge and this is something I would like to know.
2. If I can't quit right now and say when I chew right after a I take my post workout drink and I only get 15% of the nutrients in the drink as apposed to putting in a chew 2hrs after the consumption of the drink and getting 100% then I'll hold off 2hrs.

There's more to it that just tobacco's bad so quit. There is knowledge to be obtained here and that's what I'm after. To further emphasize my point, there are two main concerns about tobacco for person who is involved in weight training. 1. is nutrient uptake cause by vasoconstriction.
2. is cancer and there are things to understand about cancer. First of all it is believed that cancer is a disease that you must be predisposed to. This means that there has to be a code in your DNA saying that your body can even get cancer. 90% of the people who have this code with get cancer reguardless of whether you use tobacco or not nad if you don't have this code then you can't get it. This means roughly without doing any math that you have about what a 10% chance of getting cancer that is actually cause by the tobacco itself.

This is why nutrient uptake is the most important question in my mind. So can anybody answer my question of whether puting a dip in immediately after consuming a post workout drink has any difference in nutrient uptake as opposed to putting in a dip 2hrs after consumption?



That's interesting science you're betting on there.


There is not a good time to take a dip. I started dipping in high school and by the end of my college career, I was dipping close to 2 cans of Copenhagen a day. That shit puts its teeth in you quick. I'm happy to say that I haven't dipped in 9 years.

For what it's worth, I basically went cold turkey but did use some herbal snuff called "Bacc-Off" to get me through the rough days. It has only herbs in it, no nicotine, but it does help.


Nicotine gum helps too. I used it to quit smoking. It works really well at taking the edge off the cravings, but you still have to be motivated to quit. Might even be more effective for a chewer, since you would have that inside the lip tactile thing happening. Good luck.


Some eat themselves into an early grave. Others, drink their lives away. With some it's drugs. I suppose tobacco is no better or worse than these things.

As I said to a very obese friend of mine about three months before he dropped dead of a massive heart attack: Enjoy every morsel of food that you are putting into your mouth because you are paying a very high price for it!

In your case, enjoy the tobacco....No I mean it. If you can't quit really really enjoy it, because it's going to cost you big time!


I think we have a "Strong Words" candidate here.


That is not true. It is believed that a small minority of indivuals are highly predisposed to cancer and likely to get it even with exteremly minimal and indirect environmental input. And a small minority of people are genetically insulated from cancer and unlikely to get it even with intense exposure to adverse stimuli. The vast majority of people fall in the middle to varying degrees, with tobacco and other carcinogens being a tremendous factor in the likelihood of getting cancer.

*Only a small percentage of tobacco users who go on to get cancer would get it if they didn't use. As of yet, science has not figured out a way to tell which group an indivual falls in with any relistic precision.


Is this what you tell yourself to make you feel better about constantly stuffing a carcinogen in your lip.


actually some people in the athletic training circles will tell you behind closed doors that dipping after an intense activity actually helps with nutrient uptake because of the increased blood flow. If I am not mistaken, it was Ricky Williams' trainer who had him dipping before games to increase blood flow because he was having issues with circulation and increasing his heart rate. I can't say this is true beyond a doubt but look into it. That's the best I can do for you. I hope you wake up one morning and decide that today is the day to quit.


I used to be smoker. By style of choice was: Gambler or midnight express, Menthol. I loved to roll those babys up fat and puff away. But I seen what it was doing personaly to my loved ones around me, so I quit cold turkey. At first I couldnt go a few days without a few hits, so I did the only thing that I knew would work for me:

I prayed to God: "help me over come this problem becauce I know only thought you can I over come this addiction all the way, in Jesus's name I pray this". And I realy beleived, so after that short meaningfull prayer I felt a sence of ease come over me. Since then, I have not had a problem with cigs, even when I decided to take a hit when I was drinking to increase my buzz, after words the next day, I didnt even have any urge to smoke.

But I have a extreme amount of faith and believe every thing mentioned in the bible, even the most unbelievable things...Moses split the red sea, jesus rose from the dead, the second coming..ect.

Im not asking you to become a christian or anything, Im just telling you this is what worked for me.



I prayed to God: "help me over come this problem becauce I know only thought you can I over come this addiction all the way, in Jesus's name I pray this". And I realy beleived, so after that short meaningfull prayer I felt a sence of ease come over me.

If you tell us, won't it not come true?



I dont quite understand what you mean by not come true. It worked for me. I was just telling of a exsperience that worked for me.


If you didn't chew, you wouldn't have to be concerned about this stuff, would you. You are just procrastinating plain and simple. You have no resolve, no self discipline. You are weak. You are not a man.

Suck it up, and do what you know you must do.


Wow I didn't know they had bac-off 9 years ago


I want to take a huge moment and personally thank you. And I'm about to tell you why. Sir you are the very first person out of all of this useless rambling that has answered my question. Everyone else is filling the poor server up with information that we have all heard and somewhere along the line have decided to what degree of seriousness we would like to take it. But you my friend left all the at the door when you came in and answered my question then kindly said "Hey I hope you decide to quit one day." instead of telling me over and over and over and over and over and over. (yes I know this is a lot of overs, but maybe now you know how I feel having to read the same sorry information over and over again. But I do want to that you for actually answering my question and no I'm not being sarcastic. The only I have to reply with is though. I've been taught otherwise. nicotine, hypertension, and rapid heart rate are all linked together. but you have to look at why. Vasoconstriction is the answer. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, which in turn makes the heart work faster to get the blood flow, which also increases blood pressure because you're sending the same volume of blood down smaller pipes. See what I mean. Now that doesn't mean that flow still isn't increased, but I'm just saying that there is a possibility that it isn't. Hey thanks again for answering the question. If there were more out there like you, we all might learn some things instead of continuing down the same ignorant path.


If you didn't talk, you wouldn't have to be concerned about other people, would you. You are just sticking your nose where it doesn't belong plain and simple. You have no control over your mouth. You are ignorant. You are not a man.

Suck it up, and don't let it out, you know your opinions, DON'T COUNT!