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Tobacco Product Users

Kind of an odd question in a performance related forum.

Have You guys done Snuff? just a question as to how many people have, seeing as how I worked for the Forest Service Last year, seemed to be a pretty popular product when compared to Copenhagen or assorted Chew or cigarettes.

Copenhagen IS snuff.

Or -

Are you talking about the old school snuff that you snort up your nose?

The old School stuff you snort up your nose…Original Snuff…haha

I treat myself to a small pinch of Skoal on the way home from the gym, I quit regular chewing (5-7 a day) about 5 years ago.

Snuff is nasty shit. It is popular out here as a “quick nic” hit with the 18-20 YO crowd.

haha yeah, I chewed a lot of cope on fires last year cause there was nothing better to do, and then i stopped. and i can’t chew cope anymore it makes me sick, but i chew a little bit of red man, and i take a hit of snuff…every now and again…me being the 18-21 crowd…lol

it was always funny watching people react when the operator of our engine would take a hit of snuff while driving…lol

I dipped Cope for about 10 years. I was to the point that I knew when the stores got a delivery of fresh cans (every tuesday at Camp Lejeune). I’m clean now but I never tried the old school snuff. Is it any good?

depends on the company, some of it is pretty good…you look like a coke addicts using it sometimes though. ahhaha clears the sinuses and gives you a good tobacco buzz…kind of like an enegy type buzz as opposed to some tobacco crash buzzes… it’s pretty cheap and a small can will last you a long time…i think i made by with 1 can for 6 or 7 months…

I tried some of apricot flavored snuff once. It came in a little box (maybe 1.5"x1.5"), and you pulled out this little bitty drawer. The drawer contained one snort’s worth of snuff.

That stuff was the best. Once it started draining out of the sinuses, there was a very distinct apricot flavor.

yeah…thats the stuff that i use…it’s pretty sweet…i got some spearmint stuff by Ozona that is alright… everything smells minty fresh…it’s pretty rad

I thought nose snuff was for the atypical, gay dandy in ‘period’ movies.

Red Man! That shit will make you a sexual Tyrannosaurus! (sure it’s not my quote, but I love it anyway)

I do wintergreen or peppermint Red Seal (more economical than Skoal and more moist). Nasty habit that I must quit someday…

Kids: Stay in school and don’t hang around geologists!

you’re all a bunch of slack jawed pussies! this shit will make you a sexual tyranasaurus! bahahaha i love it!