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To young for steroids?

I am 21 years old, 6’7", and 197 pounds. Yes, I am a skinny bastard. I have recently started working out and have not been making very good gains. I just read the skinny bastard article in the magazine and found it very informative. Im thinking of trying the diet out for myself.
I guess I’ll get on with my question now. Am I to young to start takeing steroids? My best friend doesn’t seem to think so. He’s my age and has done several cycles. He’s gotten huge!
Should I wait until I have gained some quality muscle before starting steroids? Im sure all of you get get flooded with questions like this from young dumbasses like myself, but I would really appreciate your help.

You “recently started” working out, huh? And now you’re thinking about using roids? Well, it’s people like you who give bodybuilding a bad name. I’m not against roids, but young dumb fucks like you piss me off to no end. Lazy ignorant fucking kid.

Of course, if you choose not to use for 5-10 years and learn something about training, diet and legal supplementation instead, then I take all that back. :slight_smile: But until then, you’re still a lazy bitch and I hope you get gyno since you probably have no idea what an anti-estrogen is.

“i have recently started working out”. you answered your own question. give it more time. what kind of programs have you done? have you kept a diet log and counted calories? Train compound lifts hard, eat big, read the dawg school columns.

Too young, too inexperienced, and too ignorant. Train for 4-5 years, learn something about natural exercise and nutrition and then tsee what you think. In the meantime, you need to start reading all the back issues of T-Mag. Of course, this will mean (a) delayed gratification and (b) some actual work…

I’m not one for flaming people, but Tek was actually being very kind to you. Good thing this thread wasn’t posted on the steroid board … Why don’t read up … learn how to train/eat right first, and in 3 - 5 years when you have hit your first plateau, you should repost this question!!!

One more time … eat all the food you can afford, ie. spend all your spare cash on good food & stuff yourself silly every day while training extremely hard, like on 20 reps squats so you can gain serious weight. Do that for MANY YEARS & after you’ve gained about 150lbs then you can think about using steriods. Here’s aa quote from Peary Rader that applies to your lazy ass:‘Right here I’ll say that if you are afraid of work please don’t try the squat program (20 rep squats). Be satisfied with your present skinny condition & try to get as much fun from life as your condition allows.’ What you are forgetting is that there have been unbelievably huge & strong lifters (way, way stronger than your shit-for-brains friend, I don’t care who he is) all throughout history who didn’t have drugs & had to make up for it by training hard. Is your friend 5’9 & 360? Can he squat 1200 (one thousand two hundred)? No? Well he doesn’t need steroids because Paul Anderson didn’t & neither do you. Can you carry a 1120lb anchor across your shoulders for 100 metres from the beach to your dad’s blacksmith shop? You can’t? What makes you think you should use drugs? I’ll bet you any money you don’t eat a dozen scrambled eggs, a chocolate cake, a toasted sandwich loaf & a quart of milk every day, like you should if you want to gain weight like Doug Hepburn did. He says in his Steel Spiel “…forcing food intake and heavy training is definitely the answer, as far as I’m concerned.” Is that what you & your friends do? Why not? Because steriods will take care of everything? I say if you train as hard as possible, & all your lifts are increasing steadily, what’s the problem? Just be patient like all those other guys were & gains will come, unless you find out that real hard lifting isn’t worth it & then give up. Here’s another quote I like ‘Time & I against any two.’ That means as long as you have enough time you can do anything you want if you just stick with it. I’m going to go nuts if I see another post like this again. :slight_smile:

Don’t use roids. You say you’ve just started training, and you probably don’t know anything about steroids anyway. Even if you aren’t too young to use, you are definitely too inexperienced. If you want to get big, EAT…then when you finish eating…eat more. Then go and train your ass off (and don’t be the typical bench press and bicep curl type, learn about the importance of a balanced training program). After you do that, eat. And don’t fuck everything up by getting dead drunk all the damn time (I know I shouldn’t judge, but most people this age get drunk a lot). In short, put some effort into your training and eating, because that’s what all of us do, and I bet that all the people on this forum who do use roids had built pretty impressive physiques without them before they started using.

I agree, I think. You aren’t too young for juice, just too inexperienced. If you have jsut recently started working out there is no reason for you to be training for hypertrophy anyway. If “I just wanna get huge” is your motivation, perhaps spending time building your self esteem is a better economy of effort.

Firs you need to learn about training,nutrition.Read the previous issues.
Since you have just started to work out,you can make very good gains without any juice.Once you get close to your naturall limit you can read up on anabolics and make a well informed decesion of your own.Your age dosn’t matter you just simply don’t need it yet,…and i’m glad you asked. :-]

Matt you really should be put down for posting things like this, no no, i know you dont even deserve to live. Tekyou seem alright but that was uncalled for. Cheer up. If you dont like the topic then dont read it. Simple.
Matt if you want to use steroids then research them first then use them. You are old enough to make decisions for yourself. I’m 20 and with all the knowledge i have gained from reading, i have never even considered using steroid. Simply because the results are coming without them. (That was a hint)

The pathetic thing is that he isn’t even joking. To give you an idea of where you stand: I’m 20 and have been training for about two years (the right way, that is). Like many teenagers, I lifted for a few years in high school without knowing much, so I don’t even count that. Plus, my diet sucked. Then, I started to read as much as I could (T-Mag included) in order to learn. Now, I consider myself quite informed in the area of training, diet, and supplementation. Nonetheless, USING STEROIDS IS THE LAST THING ON MY MIND! I’m still not even close to my genetic potential and I don’t want to impede my natural development. Face the facts; you’re a newbie. Read, train, eat, sleep, and grow. Come back in 4-5 years with another 50 lbs. of muscle and then you can START to consider such options.

Hey Mat,
Dont worry about Tek. He had some good info in his post but decided to be just a tad aggressive with how he worded it.
You just recently started with weights?
Whats recent???
I would definetly wait a while.
Joe Montanna seems to think 24 is the youngest you should start with them. that would give you a couple of years under you belt and allow to make some natural gains first.
I think Cy will disagree with Montanna on the 24 yrs old thing but I think everyone here will pretty much be in agreement that you need to definely get some training under your belt.
Besides that the most alarming part of you post is the fact that you seem to no nothing about AAS but are thinking of taking them. If you are considering them you should be studying them and you would have answered this question within 5 minutes of deciding to seriously read about them.
So ineffect the fact that you asked this question proves that you should NOT be taking them yet regardless of chronological age OR training age

Matt, yes.

“Joe Montanna?” I think you mean Nelson Montana, a one-time T-Mag contributor. I doubt very much that the former QB has made public statements to the effect you mentioned. :slight_smile:

I gotta agree with the other guys here. Until you have learned to eat big and train hard and smart, you should not even consider steroids. Have you ever kept a food log? It is likely that you will require in excess of 5000 calories if you really want to grow. How many calories do you eat in a day? Do you squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press, chin and row? If you said no, to any of these without a real good reason, then you have no right to even consider steroids. Listen to the people on this board. There is a ton of experience and knowledge available from the people here. Don’t just blow it off.

Well i agree with what most of the people are saying about not having enough time under your belt and needing to eat a ton and train hard and smart etc…the one thing i want to add is this…DONT LISTEN TO YOUR FUCKIN FRIENDS…they may be big due to genetics or steroids, the best thing to do is read read read and then read some more…educate yourself…learn the anatomy and how it operates…some great books are charles poliquin principles and t-mag of course…these will get your feet wet and start giving you a concept of what you need to do…good luck and please for all t-mag readers dont do fuckin steroids.,…and if you do dont act like you know what the fuck your doing and tell people how to do something…i hate seeing these big dumbbasses in the gym that are built due to genetics or roids and their form is shitty and diet is shitty, but yet they think they know everything…anyways good luck dude

Until you figure out how to get to your genetic potential naturally, you won’t be able to maximize the gains you get on a steroid cycle. Get to that major plateau before you even consider AAS.

Jason N- you asked him, “do you squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press, chin and row?” Well, I would assume no on the others, but I can guarantee you that he bench presses (probably every workout).

Good call on that one. The bench press is a solid foundational exercise, but it is only one of the many pillars that should build the foundation of a good bodybuilding routine.

All your stuff refers to steriod users. Musclefreaks who don’t any form af cardio are the true lazy ones, as well. Why have mass if a flight of stairs gets you huffin and puffin? My gains will be by my efforts, not the easy way out of steriods. Bodybuilding gets a bad rap by statement like yours.