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To Xen Nova


Hope you have read my final questions? Would relay appricaited it if you want to give me some advice/aswers.

Take care


Dude stop making threads.




I have done that, thanks, but I dont think he has read that. I can understand that all off you guys are not interested in my conversation with Xen Nova, sorry.



I am obviously not Xen Nova and since you have not solicited advice from anyone else feel free to tell me to piss up a rope if need be.

I am going to suggest that if you are interested in EDT that you purchase one of Charles StaleyĆ¢??s products, he is the creator of the system. He has an excellent reputation. Several of his manuals are available in e-book form (download a pdf. ) The T-Nation store has two such manuals available for download, though I have never purchased an E-book from this site so you may want to contact a mod about payment (Mods maybe jump in if it helps). Staley's basic text on EDT is Muscle Logic, you may be able to get it from an online or local bookstore in Holland. I cannot give direction as to which product would be best for your needs and I have very limited experience with EDT personally. I tried it for a short while, several weeks, and thought it was great. I ran into resource issues at the gym though, since you are in essence taking up twice as much equipment and the time factor means working in with others is a no go.

Xen Nova also mentioned 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler. This is an excellent minimalist program that many people have great success with. It is outstanding, structured, and best of all is very forgiving of variation in how much time or energy you can give any one workout. With your work and teaching schedule, this factor alone makes it seem like a good fit to me. His manual is available as an electronic download from elitefts.com. The manual is very well written and easy to understand. I recommend it.

The reason I am suggesting that you get your hands on a written manual, especially 5/3/1, is to answer the questions that you are asking and the ones you will inevitably have as you follow the program. A good manual does this. With language possibly being an issue, although you are to be commended for your English, I think it will be even more of a benefit for you to be able to read and re read.

Link to T-Nation store with the manuals

Amazon link to Muscle Logic (us site, you can at least use the ISBN listing to find a source)

EliteFTS 5/3/1 manual

Hope this helps, and I am not trying to speak for Xen or anyone else on this board.


Hello Robert A,

thank you very much for reacting. I think maybay the 5/3/1 routine will indeed fit best to me. So I will try to order that book. I have read a item here on this site wereby they explain a 2 days a week routine.

The only problem is that I dont know how you have to do that routine.
They pick one big exercise, for example the deadlift, and then they say do 5/3/1 rep off that exercises.
Do they mean to do in the first set 5 reps, then add some weight and do 3 reps, and finally do one rep?
The supplementary exercises are explained very well, I mean the exercises you can do after the biggest exercise.
And what about the second time when you do this one *the deadlift I mean" do you add some weight for your first set off 5 reps then to?

I realy appriciated it that you take the time to react and to help. You guys, yourself and off course Xen, are at least trying to help instead off saying to stopp posting.

I know that sometimes have the urge to ask to much but as I said, I think I can realy learn from you guys who have a lott off experience witht this kind off training.
Thanks again.


Don't mean to butt in, but here's a couple of links to the 531 stuff. Like Robert A, I think you would benefit from the e-book for clarifying some of the details, but the articles are a good start. The second article contains the 2 day/week routine that you mention. Hopefully it helps.




Just reread your post, looks like you already read the articles. Sorry, my mistake.


Hello Batman730,

doesnt matter, I find it great that you have react. Thanks!
When I read that article I cant find how you have to do that 5/3/1 thing. Is it the way I think it will be? 1 set 5 reps, second set 3 reps and last set 1 rep?


Not exactly. For the first week you do 3 sets of 5 with heavier weights each each set. You figure weights based on 90% of the maximum weight you can lift once in each lift. For example just say you can bench press 110lbs as a max. For the first week you'd use: (110 x 90% = 100) first set is 65% max so 65lbs for 5 reps. Next set is 75% so 75lbs and last set is 85% so 85lbs for 5 or as many reps as you can do with good form.

Week 2 you do 3 sets of 3 reps at 70, 80 and 90% of that 100lb max or 70, 80, 90lbs again getting as many good reps possible on the last set. In the third week you will lift 75%(lbs) for 5 reps, 85%(lbs) for 3 reps, 95%(lbs) for 1 rep or as many good reps as you can get and you will repeat this cycle a total 3 times each workout during that week. The forth week is an "easy" week using 40%(lbs), 50%(lbs) and 60%(lbs) for 1 set of each for a total of 3 sets of 5.

Then you start over at week 1 but add 5 lbs to your max bench and military press and 10 lbs to your max squat and deadlift. So say you at the very beginning you could bench and military press 110 lbs and squat and deadlift 220lbs. After the first 4 weeks you will start again at 3 sets of 5 reps but you will figure your weights as percentages of 115 lbs for bench and military press and 230 lbs for squat and deadlift.

I'm not sure if this helps to explain anything or not. There are charts in the e book for figuring all this out. Keep at it, you'll figure it out. Good luck.


Hello Batman730,

thank you very much for explaining. I thought that when you do the 2 days a week split that the rules were different, thats why I thouht that you have to do 5 reps, 3 reps and 1 rep because there is now 2 weeks in between the same workout.
Its hard to get the book here in Holland, I am still tryiing to get it but until now I have not succeed.
But I will keep in tryiing. Thanks again for explaining so well and take care.



I am almost certain that if you follow the 5/3/1 link I posted to elitefts.com you will be able to purchase an e-book of the manual. That will transfer electronically to your computer so you will not have to worry about shipping costs. I am also pretty sure your credit card will handle the exchange rate automatically.


Okay, I will try that RobertA, thanks!


Damn a guy goes away for a week...

Lokate, I'll answer you by PM but it seems like you got exactly the help you needed here (thank you gentlemen). Sorry I don't get much online time a week lately.


Hello Xen Nova,

hahaha, you cant go for a week :slightly_smiling:
These guys helped me out a lott but I still want your opinion because you have helped me very much already.
I still dont know if I am doiing it right when I decide to do the 5/3/1/ method for example.
I have weights but not that much, I think when I do the deadlift for example I can only go to 120 kilo orso and on a certain point thats to low (I think).

I hope you have read the thread that I have send you about making more time for my training?
So I hope very much that you still want to help me and PM me please if you want.
Take care