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To Wrap or Not to Wrap? (Wrists)


So I've finally started getting the hang of rolling my wrists back for the catch. Trouble is that my wrists don't seem to like it. It isn't that they hurt, exactly, it is more that they feel unstable like that. If I wrap them (pretty tightly) then I feel much less reluctant to finish the pull properly and catch with my wrists rolled back. I am a bit worried, though, that I may be more likely to injure them if I wrap them and that I might be less likely to injure them if I don't wrap them and pull lighter weights for a while to let them get used to things.

Any thoughts on this?

In particular... Wrapping for work sets vs max attempts vs not at all. Or how bad things need to feel before it is worth moving to wraps.


Just my opinion,

You are permitted by the rules to wrap to a certain width (don't know the limit w/out looking it up). So, why not take advantage of that and practice the way you are allowed to compete. Wrap the wrists when you lift so you have the confidence and comfort to practice the lifts correctly. Then, apart from practicing the lifts, work on your wrist mobility and strength. I know of no account where wrapping the wrist contributes to injury.


I tend to agree with NewWorldMan here. I stayed away from wrist wraps in general for a long time unless my wrists hurt, but have now moved to where I use them all the time for lifts where the wrists will be loaded (i.e. NOT for squats). I haven't found any negative effects yet, although I have been only using them for about 6 months.


My wrists were in agony for months untill I started using wraps. Slowly my wrists healed and are now much stronger than when I started. I ALWAYS wear wrist wraps now. Sooner or later your wrists will probably start to feel painfull especially if you have small joints. Better to wrap them up now then go through the shit I had to put up with.


I wrap my wrists for every lift I do, even squats. My wrists dont like the torque when theyre unwrapped but can hold up when wrapped. My favorite wraps are the white Eleiko wrap because theyre very springy and elastic so you can wrap them as tightly as you want without the wrist feeling stiff or casted as with powerlifting wraps.


I've never had any discomfort in my wrists but would you guys suggest wraps anyway? I suspect it may be because I'm not moving significant weight yet.


no, Deb. No wraps if you don't have any discomfort/pain.

from Greg Everett's forums:

"i would caution against wrist wraps or tape unless absolutely necessary. tends to change the position of the wrist, which then leads to problems in the hands, elbows and/or shoulders. so i would say if you're concerned about the volume, spend more time progressing to that volume to condition the joints. tons of stretching, mobility and ICE."

With my low back injury, I cannot emphasize ice enough, and I have finally realized this. Ice, ice, and more ice post-workout. 20 minutes as soon as you get home, and you're done. Ice whatever feels achy: knee, lower back, shoulder, wrist, elbow, etc. Very beneficial.


Thanks Andy.

About ice: I did a really hard leg workout recently and I could really feel my hamstrings and quads and I did the 'ice bath' thing and holy crap it was miserable but it felt great after. I highly recommend it. I just used cold water straight from the tap because it's spring run-off right now so the water is VERY cold but after it felt like I hadn't even worked out.


yeah, i found that too, andy. thats why i was wondering what people over here thought.

i'm finding the wraps are indeed changing the position of my wrists... they are now rolling back hard (i think to where they are supposed to be) because they are supported by the wraps.

i do have powerlifting wraps, though. wrapping pretty tight half way up to the base of my thumb. the weight on the bar pushes my wrists back hard into them for the catch.

i might look into getting some lighter oly lifting ones. my hands start turning purple if i don't loosen them and i need to redo them for each rep anyway because they slide down my wrists. i suppose i don't have to wrap them that tight but think i'm becoming a bit addicted to the feeling of support.

bit of a pain in the arse, though.