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To Tim: Petition to Release Anaconda


Please post here if you would be willing to pay a high price to give Anaconda a fair shake.

My life situation allows me to splurge a bit on supplements, and I'd love to give it a try. If there are others here like me, please post.

P.S. If you haven't followed the discussion on the boards, here's the bottom line:

Anaconda is a product whose core ingredient is a blend of casein hydrolysate (there are also some other ingredients that I don't know about). The applications for it that I have seen discussed are as part of a para-workout nutrition plan (combining it with FINibars, Surge Recovery and Surge Workout Fuel) and also as a protein pulse in the morning. The few who have tried it on these boards claim it works very, very well.

Anaconda is ready but not being manufactured in retail quantities because the cost of putting it into mass production is extremely high. To put it up for sale would mean a big risk on Tim's part, because the cost of the product would be so high that people may not buy it (even at zero profit margin). Thus he would have wasted all that money on putting it into production.


I for one would definitly give it a shot. As I am already buying a CH product from somewhere else. I would rather be able to get all my supplies in one spot. Plus I will know I am getting the best possible product from Biotest.


Well if we knew how much it would cost then maybe we could base our decisions off of that. I for one would try it out :slight_smile:


Clearly, the hype is working.


Yeah, I can't see them not releasing it at this rate

How bout just manufacturing it for people who order it and pay for the quantity in advance...?


It would probably be less economically feasible to produce that small of an amount. They would have to mass produce it and sell it all in order to recover the production costs while extending savings to the customer.


I'm no expert, but the impression I get is that to put the manufacturing process in place (hire the company, get the machines, contract with sources, or whatever else) is a big part of the problem. So to produce it in large quantities in the first place would necessitate more sales.

I could be wrong, though.

I could also be wrong in that this whole thing is a crock of shit. But I have supported Biotest from the very beginning and have seen them put out some amazing products, so I wouldn't expect it. I still remember my first bottle of TRIBEX-500 many years ago and breaking out all over and getting hornier than hell. Good stuff.


I'd buy it...


I would like to know what kind of application Anaconda is for. Is it meant during a fat loss or muscle gain phase is what I mean.


i guess im curious but if they dont want to sell it i dont really care.. how good could this possibly be?..

This post sounds like it was written by a Biotest employee..


That's a bit over-skeptical. I am not a Biotest employee.


id buy it and ive never bought anything from here..i guess thats what so much hype does.


I'll just buy some testosterone, and use the rest of the money I saved on my upcoming vacation.




I'm sure they will release it.....its all about the "stack" with SWF-FINiBAR-Anaconda- Surge Recovery...
I'm wondering why they are freaking out about the casein hydrolisate....that its suposed to be soooo expensive...other companies like vpx has them it their products( shotgun and synthesize) doesnt seem to be so rare and expensive like they say.....