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To The Vets: Have You Heard Of

Hello, Everyone. I wanted to post this question to the board because this site is such a vast pool of knowledge and I’m always learning something new by reading posts. I wouldn’t call myself a long-time veteran of chemical muscle enhancement, but I’ve used various cycles over the last 3 years and some change. I also have all the latest publications and typically do ample research before moving on a protocol. That beind said, I’ve run into a very interesting situation in which I have a friend that is getting ‘customized’ steroids. The orals he’s getting include dianabol and winstrol, but they’re in liquid form. Additionally, he’s getting his injectibles, as well as liquid orals, in 50 ml bottles at a huge discount. I figured I’d ask some questions and have received the response that they could “reproduce a compound extremely similar to Testosterone Heptylate (‘Theramax’).” My question is for the true vets out there: Have you guys ever heard of anything like this? And if so, would you even take the chance considering that none of the bottles even have labels? It sounds like somebody is running their own lab somewhere! Instinctively, I feel this is ridiculous, but I’m intrigued because I’ve never seen anything like this and all my friends that I work out with haven’t either. I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys think about this.

I have never heard of ‘Heptylate’ I would be very carfull about trying it. As for your dbol/ winstrol concoction. I personally don’t feel they are suited since their half lives are very different. It would be much better to take them seperately. Just the fact that the person who is making these concoctions hasn’t considered this worries me.

Author L. Rea mentions Testosterone heptylate (Theramex) in both books CME and BTPB.

Apparently, Testosterone heptylate has an active-life of about 20 days and a half-life of about 10 days.

Overall, it’s suppossed to be a good product for once-a-week injections, but I haven’t ever seen it.

Regarding the winstrol and d-bol liquids, I hope that what you meant to say was that the guy making these is making them in seperate bottles. If they are mixed, as P22 said, their half-lives are different and you would have a hell of a time finding an appropriate dosing schedule.

You’re better off buying a product that has two compounds in it that both have similar half-lives (ie Test Prop/Tren Acet., or Test Prop/NPP).

As far as the home-brewed products, if they’re not injectable, you don’t have to be as concerned because sterility wouldn’t be a major concern. I would be more worried about the product being underdosed or fake.

I apologize for not being a little clearer. The individual compounds are packaged separately (for example, in different bottles). However, I’m so used to checking legitimacy of compounds by using pics and descriptions in books such as “Anabolics 2004”, that this whole process is defeated when you get compounds in unmarked bottles! Even if these individuals could make these compounds in their homegrown lab, I wouldn’t imagine their would be any Q&A or product testing to ensure that the products are safe and meet claims of mg/ml. Anybody else heard of these steroids that are “homegrown?”

All kinds of people run underground labs. I’d be a little leary on using something that someone hasnt even taken the time to make a label for. Unless you know and trust this individual who made them, i wouldn’t be using their product. That said, there are a lot of UG labs out there that make a fantastic product.

It’s not overly common, but some labs will suspend compounds normally taken in pill form as a liquid. You definetly don’t inject it though. The worst trouble that you can get into with orals is that there wont be any steroid there. Whether or not you chose to use this product would depend on whether or not you know whos making it and if you trust them. Certainly there are more reputable products than these available.