To the UK T-magg'ers - Mag-10 info

Hi guys, Chris Shugart was looking into the pre-oder situation to UK/Europe. I contacted customer services, and I know we have Cyberflex who are really helpful, but here is some more info I’ve got stateside - havent chased it yet, but thought id post it -

“Dan, we don’t ship retail orders to Europe, though, you may be able to
order Mag-10 through Biotest UK. I recommend contacting them, at or 1202-391-275, to determine if they will be able to carry Mag-10.”

let me know if you have any sucess, or you know of any other suppliers

Cheers - dannyboy

Dannyboy - I figured oyu’ get this response and I imagine that BiotestUK will be in the same situation as Cyberflex.

What about ordering from a US based supplier other than direct from Biotest?

Any Yanks want to ship a shit-load of MAG-10 to us Limeys?

Yeah, any guys want to help out some brits, couple of $$'s in it for ya. T-rex, what kind of work you in - we seem to get on here daytime UK quite a bit, I keep the forum minimised all day, and chime in when i get a moment.

Dannyboy - I’m a city-boy, based in London.

Enterprising American required to set up new export business - must be trustworthy!!!

I’ve also been to Biotest UK, as I live here. The prices are about 50% more expenive, which is annoying, so I’d be interested in any methods of getting the supplements cheaper.

Ah, city boy eh - full windsor knot in you tie, checked shirt and cuff-links - hope you dont suffer the same fate i do as wearing all that crap - the horror of the lunctime wine bar(try asking for a BB meal in that kind of place, i love it, pisses em right off!). Nathan, the only ways i’ve found getting it cheaper are visting cyberflex, or gymratz, or you can get GNC to order stuff in too but it takes a while. Other than that i have no idea

Post it on the forum if anyone finds a way of getting MAG-10 here cheaper, if not i think i’ll just wait for cyberflex to carry it. Do you guys think that getting the Buy 2 get 1 free offer and paying the P&P would be cheaper than ordering in the UK? Cheers, Chris.

Just been to cyberflex, much cheaper than other UK retailers. I think I’ll have to buy from them.

Chris, so far they say that they cant ship to the UK, as i tried to order on saturday. If this gets the all clear, am planning on doing a massive order, or wait till near christmas for it to arrive here. Hopefully it shouldnt get banned, so we may have to wait this one out, unless as you said any has any radical ideas.

I agree mate, i guess we’ll gonna have to wait this one out. An extra 20lbs of muscle would be well handy though, just hope it can deliver what biotest claims, not that i doubt them, but im certainly skeptical. Especially after the infamous “Feels like deca” comment I think Bill Phillips made about HMB. Laters. Chris.

Dannyboy - Got me down to a tee mate! I have exactly the same issues with wine-bars and restaurants. The biggest problem I have is that I work in the insurance market and relationships form a huge part of my job. I have to spend a hell of a lot of my time entertaining. This leads to a shit-load of yo-yo dieting though my training never suffers.

So what do you do then?

I’m going to put up a post for the Yanks about the export of MAG-10.

guys thought you might like to know that you can currently get Kb’s from:
plus we will be making other hard to come by equipment!
mod please let this through as we really need it!

T-rex, I am in I.T. recruitment, have been for the last year. I swear if I have to buy another damn checked shirt I’ll get postal! I understand about the relationships part, am always taking clients to posh restauarants or bars, but now I have a select few, and they’ll do me 3 course meals which fit into my ratios which is pretty cool. The job hours wise is a bitch, but they let me bring a blender into work, and bought a fridge and microwave on my request and the money’s good so I cant really complain. (BTW, how many sets of cuff-links do you own, thats a true test ;->)

FFB - who do i email/ask for - do you have a site/catologue for other wierd stuff too - i was thinking last night about k’bells, as i was in my garden and have olympic dumbells which i use. I cracked a slab in the gerden as 7.5k went flying off into the distance - how much are they?

FFB, whats the score on those K’bells geyz?

Dannyboy i had posted another msg to your questions but it doesn’t seem to have been added, anyway just e-mail us, i work with them and we will answer al your questions, make the e-mail out to as “Urgent Questions” that will get it answered as a priority mail! anyway we will be carrying hard to find / impossible to find equipment and shall be shipping withing uk and ireland and the rest of europe even up to canada, possible states side too! newest equipment that is in prototype stage is conga kens and trapbars! further things such as indian clubs and a cool pull down atachment and more!!! Please spread the word also that we will not be underprivalged anylonger from hardcore strength equipment! i look forward to hearing from you.