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To The Trainers and Coaches Out There...

How do you go about organizing your clients’ records and information?

I’m talking about what you do when you FIRST get a new client. How much of their training is “on the spot” or by feel/instant observation, how much is completely planned?

What happens when the client stops coming? How about when they come back 17 months later?

Do you keep a filing system? Are you writing every little thing down in the gym instead of talking to your client? Are you using digital or paper records?

Feel free to share what you USED to do and what you do NOW. I’m here to learn!

Thanks in advance.

I have them write all their sets sets reps and exercises down so they get a feel for a pattern…

They keep their own records.

They’ll learn better that way and be able to to train themselves sooner. To me that’s the point of PTing…to get a person to understand things to apply them on themselves

If a client stops coming? I assume they weren’t truly ready and just trying to get to the gym so they can tell people at work they did some squats and their legs are sore.

If they come back later we start from square one. Reasses willingness and do all the consultation stuff…if I get the feeling they’ll disappear again I refer them to someone else…no time for flakes and id rather work with clients I know will pay vs ones that will quit and jet on the bill after 5 sessions…I hate banking on 600 bunks being promised to me and planning shit for my family then not receiving it because some asshole is skipping out

At first nothing is planned…gotta learn their style so everything is by feel

good thread topic, i await the more experienced trainers to chime in!

Well what my friend does is he keeps digital records on his computer and he email them to his clients and ask them to print them off and keep them.

I have an email account that I use solely for correspondences with clients, so I always have back ups of everything.

When I FIRST start working with someone, there is usually a good 2 week back and forth (I do mostly online coaching) getting the most detailed picture of current and past dietary and training approaches, limitations, goals, etc.

Additionally, despite keeping very detailed computer files on each person (I’m constantly putting things in charts and spreadsheets!) I always have hard copies on hand so I can more easily see what our current variables are, what they were last week, the week before etc.

If it’s a client I’ve worked with before (ie. some competitors will compete every Spring), I can pull out the week by week summary sheet from one year earlier with corresponding photos, and ensure that we’re doing better this current year.

If a client just stops showing up, or submitting updates or contacts, I will usually reach out once or twice before writing them off. I love helping people, and always instruct clients to not be afraid of blowing up my cel phone with texts (some prep clients seem to feel the need to tell me everything! -lol), but at the end of the day, I am just the guide, and if you choose not to do the work, then I can’t make you, and I won’t show up at your house and drag you back to the gym against your will. I’d much rather spend my time with people who appreciate my assistance. It’s much, much more rewarding when they thank me :slight_smile: