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To The T-Vixens: What's Actually On A Girl's Mind?

I just read TC’c Atomic Dog “The Long Hot Summer”. What a hoot, but OH SO TRUE! But I have a question for The Vixens. I was in the grocery store yesterday and there was this cute and hot little thing with a beautiful, even bronze tan, some “Daisy Dukes”, a short top (and obviously no bra!) some platforms , and an ankle bracelet with a small flower ankle tatoo (both of which I think are VERY sexy!)Anyway, my question for the Vixens is this: When she was getting dressed in the morning, was there a “goal” in mind and what were some of her POSSIBLE thoughts? Confidence? (Just wanting to look and feel her best). Validation AND Confidence? (I gaurantee she got PLENTY of second glances and yells from cars that day!) Getting laid? (I really don’t think women are as big ‘a dogs as we are, so unless a women is “in buisness” I don’t think that enters is as much, or does it?) Or maybe just torture every guy she came in contact with? Since this hasn’t really been addressed on “Sex In The City” I would REALLY like the T-Vixens ideas. (P.S. feel free to save it for a future "Gang O’ Babes" if you’d like, but us “Enquiring Dawg’s” would like to know!)

Ohh…a cute butt, with just a little “tease” from beneath those Daisy Dukes and a small jewel in her navel (which I also think is very sexy!) She had this cute smile, bright eyes; NOT “slutty” looking at all. Geez…I forgot what I went to the grocery for! (smile! :)----!!!

Well, yesterday I wore a baby-T that shows my belly button ring and short cut off jeans. I wore a small silver anklet and took extra time putting perfect lipstick on my lips. Why? Because I love catching my man stare at my legs under the table. I love how he gives me that “extra” obvious attention so that all guys around know I’m taken. Plus, I love making him miserable all day so that the night will rock. I’m sorry about the other guys. I don’t mean to make them miserable. It’s not really for them - I just like reminding my man why he married me.

Mufasa, First I have to say we are all different, can’t generalize, blah, blah. Okay, when I dress like that I am in a playful mood, feeling happy, feeling good, enjoying being female and sharing that joy with you guys, who I know admire the female form. But I AM NOT LOOKING TO GET LAID. It is fun to wear those little jewels and show your bod off a bit and I will usually walk around with a little smile on my face. You have to be in the mood to take the hits. I have had some really nice things happen to me-One guy came up to me and said he was not hitting on me but he just had to say I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and that I had made his day, then left! Another guy saw me walking down the street, ran into the store bought those $5.00 flowers handed them to me, grinned, asked if I was single, when I said “sorry I’m not” he said “didn’t think so” still grinning he bowed and left. I’ve had notes on my car…I am not bragging here, just trying to give you guys some ideas, and the great way your admiration can make us feel. On the other hand ,I have also had guys who were very pushy and persistent call me a bitch and a tease to where I want to run home and throw on baggy pants and an old t-shirt and put my hair in my face, and I do not dress that provacatively (sp?) Anyway, I hope this helps, your post has made me smile and the sun is coming out, now where are my toe rings…

A and IronBabe: I am starting to get the idea; this is absolutely OUTSTANDING!(By the way, A Girl, I hope that it was VERY clear in my post that I DIDN’T think getting laid was a reason; quite frankly, men are MUCH bigger dogs than women!) So…what we have so far…is confidence, playfulness and looking good for someone we love. Good summary so far? Keep the ideas and obsevations coming, guys!

P.S.: A Girl…I liked the comment “you have to be in the mood to take the hits”…

Ok, this helps. If I see a girl dressed up like that, would that be a bad day to try to talk her up? If I did, wouldn’t I look like just another scumbag (a scumbag is a guy who a girl talks to who isn’t me)?

Mufasa, I know this will sound kinda snotty, but sometimes it can be very annoying to get hit on constantly,Ironbabe has mentioned being bugged in the gym before, and I am sure you have seen this shark-like behavior. Just yesterday this big guy whom I have never met nearly begged me to let him spot me while I was squatting “Come on, its OK ,we are all friends here” I was not struggling with the weight,and I did not need a spot! It is hard not to just rip them a new one in that situation, but I was nice. As it was, he kind of stalked off-He was creepy. Sorry, getting OT. My point is, you have to be in the mood to dress as you described and deal with the responses, sometimes I’m not, in that case I dress differently and have “Go away” written all over me-thats when women are called stuck up. I’ll be you guys have the same sort of problems, like show the pecs and biceps off, or not, it can get you in fights, and you can get hit on by women and men, am I right? Ya need to be in “a mood”

AGirl you are correct. I have a white pair of beach pants that fit me really well, that I combine with a black Reebok tank top that NEVER fails to get attention from the ladies. Usually don’t have too many issues with guys and fights tho. I wear it when I am in the mood to get some attnetion…kinda like you ladies…and it never fails. Now on the other hand, wore black jeans, my motorcycle boots, and my Testosterone T-shirt into a bar last night looking to pick up dinner…and had quite a few of the guys with a buzz on doing the “stare down” routine. That Testosterone T-shirt just seems to really piss off guys with beer muscles. Had one try to give me a bit of a shoulder push as I walked by with my carry out bag…then he trys to give me the “stare down” routine…but I just looked down at him and laughed…and he didn’t push it any further…so all is well that ends well!

Girls should feel free to dress like hoochies but they should be prepared to be hit on by every guy in the country. If you don’t like it, dress somehow else. Some guys however need to stop being so creepy and annoying when they are kicking it to a chick. Some of the things I witness make me ashamed to be a player.

If it’s not for sale, then don’t advertise!.. women are an enigma!
If you stare you’re a pig…if you don’t, you’re a jerk!

Well, I’d rather be a jerk than a pig. Oh, and by the way, when a guy hits on a girl and gets rejected, why does the guy most of the time call the girl a bitch or slut? If that was the case, then they wouldn’t get rejected in the first place, right?

BTW - I only dress like that on a day (or night) out with my man. When I’m out alone I don’t dress like that. No guy has the nerve to hit on me with my man around, now when he goes to the bathroom I know I’m gonna have to deal with the comotion I’ve caused. I’m not surprised at the cat calls and sometimes rude comments by guys then, for all they know I’m easy. (even though I’m still with the man I lost my virginity to). On other days like today, I dress classy. In a nice dress I could either go to work or out to dinner in. It’s form fitting, but not in the slightest bit slutty. That is how I USUALLY dress.

I don’t think there is that big of a difference between dressing sexy and slutty. The only difference is the lady’s attitude. Either you have class or you don’t. My vixen is a class act and I enjoy going out with her when she is dressed really sexy… As for cat calls… I think they’re done by guys with little class … I can appreciate a beautiful woman, but I don’t need to stroke my own ego by showing off in front of the guys…another thing I never really did was comment on a woman, like…“look at the tits on that one” … I don’t know, maybe somehow I just want to keep them for myself, lol.

I can’t speak for the other T-vixens, but I just like to show off my hard earned work! It is a good feeling to know that men (and other women!)find me attractive. I have in the past done it to get layed, but most of the time it is just because it makes me feel good.


When I go out with a guy I dress to make sure he’s happy to be with me. No, that does not mean I look like a slut, but I do my best to accentuate my better attributes and camulflage my ‘bad’ points. Attention is nice, as long as it isn’t dangerous. I’m used to the ‘nice tits’ coments and they don’t bother me, however, i have been grabbed before and that really freaks me out. If I am alone, however, I generally wear whatever is at hand and don’t worry about it. If I want attention I can get it with no problem…

You didn’t mention whether or not she was wearing shorts (or how short they were), but I’m guessing she was. In the very least, I’d say the woman was feeling confident with how her body looked. As for your other questions, the only way to have known for sure was to have asked her. I’ve taken out the trash wearing whatever was handy and easy to throw on, like shorts and a cut off t-shirt. I’ve also done the Daisy Mae thing with care, and yes, to attract attention as well as to relish in my feeling good about myself. Glad you enjoyed the eye candy, tiger.

Man, these responses are good, but I have a question about TC’s article for the Vixens. Was there anything written in that article after the pic of J-Lo’s nekkidness? I couldn’t get past that.

Q: What’s the difference between a slut & a bitch? A: A slut has sex with everybody, a bitch has sex with everybody except YOU. hehe

I also think that girls wearing low-cut or tight shirts lose the right to complain about guys staring at their boobs.