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To The Polypharmacy Defenders

After being on this board for a while, I KNOW that there will be some Steroid/Polypharmacy “defender” after my post about frustration over the direction of bodybuilding…look…inject, snort and pop whatever you wish…but I want to get you guys opinion on a statement made by one of the top pro’s:

"All the guys on this panel (they were speaking at a seminar), without exception, exhibited the potential to win in the Bodybuilding World FIRST with “natural physiques” (quotes added).

It seems like he was saying that without the “genetic potential”, all the drugs in the world will not turn you into a champion.

Your thoughts?

Absolutely certainly. If that were not
so then there would be 10,000 champions.

Inasmuch as the difference in whether one
wins championships or not in bodybuilding
is not because of being the best in the world
at training, or because of fine differences
in knowledge of nutrition or dedication to
diet, or because of having unique knowledge
of drug use or taking more drugs than anyone
else does. I’d think at least 10,000
guys are a match for winning pros in every
single one of these parameters and often
top them in one or more of these. The
vast majority cannot ever win championships.
The reason is genetics.

He’s right.

Well it only makes sense, right? Let’s say there were no drugs at all. So you hold a contest and the guy with the best genetics wins. Then you make drugs available to everyone (which they are), and all the contestants improve 5% or 10% or whatever. The same guy’s going to win - he’ll just look a little bigger and harder.

When the IFBB held their much-ballyhooed “tested” Mr. Olympia a few years back, Haney still won, just like he had the previous years and just like he would in subsequent years. He just looked a little smaller and flatter.

I think that some people have a misconception that if they take something they’re going to somehow exhibit a magical affinity for that substance, i.e., they’ll get better gains from it than anyone else and thereby gain an edge. But that hardly seems like a reasonable assumption when you look at it objectively.

Mufasa I agree with them. I have been up to 2-3g weekly with the help of Bil Roberts and Dan Duchaine planninmg things. My best is a lean 220. However, I do not have the genetics to be a Pro. I don’t have the incredible muscle 3-D shape (big waist,) fullness, or the metabolism. These pro’s took there first cycle of say 500mg and grew like you and I would off of 1-2g per week! Genetically they are freaks. It’s as JMB says: if you have the genetics to do it you probably will ie: become a Pro BB, Football Player, Sprinter etc. etc. I could never be a Pro Bodybuilder or a Pro Basketball Player for that matter-both because of my genetics and there is nothing wrong with that! GENETICS CONTROL 100% OF OUR PHYSIQUE OUTCOME WITH OR WITHOUT DRUGS PERIOD! I MAKE NO EXECUSES!