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To the ladies of the forum

For ladies only… OK! DESCRIBE YOUR IDEAL GUY… Looks/features/nationality

6 foot or over, dark hair blue or green eyes built, good smile, good laugh, likes sports and knows how to treat a lady. that’s about all i ask.

Nationality? I think some of the most attractive people are of mixed race. Lenny Kravitz comes to mind, Jewish and African Amercian. He could be taller and a bit fuller muscles. This is a tough one because personality enhances attractiveness. If someone is goodlooking, its the personality that animates the meat and really makes them shine. Okay, in general, I don’t like redheads,light blondes, babyfaced,wide hipped, or asian men.
BUT at one time or another, I have found all of the above attractive. Ideal? 5’10-6’4, boxer or sprinter body, masculine darkish features,wide open mischevious smile, who is bright, funny, spontaneous and has some self discipline and likes women’s company, but is still a bit macho,nonsmoker, spiritual, but not into organized religion. Don’t care about skin color. Geeze!! I feel like I just placed a “personals” ad! P.S My honey fulfills all these requirements except his hair is medium brown.

“That’s all I ask.” Damn. I’m 5’10", brown hair, brown eyes. Automatically disqualified. And people look at me funny whenI say that I always wished I was born fair.

What’s wrong with short guys??? Damn girls!

I don’t think the girls are being honest. I am 5’7", balding, unemployed and living with parents, and am having no trouble with hot chicks. Well, their chat profiles say that they are hot anyway.

dude, i never ever said i wasn’t flexible. some people have GORGEOUS brown eyes. i have brown eyes and don’t particularly like them, so i like looking at ones i dont’ have. and some people just have to be taller than me. i just have a certain trend of guys i have seen that i am mainly attracted to, but if you got it flaunt it. you know?

It’s the holiday-spare-tire induced insecurity talking ;-). But honestly, I’ve found women to be much more stringent in their physical requirements of men than vice versa… which is odd because of the oft heard refrain (presumably to establish superiority) “but looks don’t matter!” Am I bitter? No. I just chew a lot of Advil…

You are correct. Many women have these high standards of what they want physically. But once they fall for a guy emotionally, it isn’t as important. What I want to know is why do fat chicks think I want to get with them? I’m in shape and want a girl who also is in shape and takes care of herself. But for some reason, fat chicks think I want a piece. Nope, sorry, ain’t gonna happen.

Okay now, you asked for IDEAL not reality. I beg to differ on the statement that women are pickier than men in the looks department. Men are visual creatures and I think women cater to this. That is why we wear high heels, get our hair done, wear makeup, revealing clothes get boob jobs, and diet constantly.Have you noticed that most real(genetic) lesbians do none of the above. Go ahead, flame me but I think this is generally true. How many couples do you know where the man is very attractive and the woman is not? I see many more attractive women with average or unattractive men and no they are not after their money.

If you guys listed your ideal woman, it would sound impossible and picky to us too!
P.S. No I have not gotten a boob job. I have been known to wear high heels and revealing clothes though :slight_smile:

This is Bionic here…I want ratso! He’s the cat’s meow!

Vain here: ratso?
come now
whats your a/s/l…haha
I agree with Natediggitydogg…the girl has to take care of herself…i think fatties just like to say they have a big boy that likes them…anyway, i can’t talk…24, advanced degrees, decent physisque, and been in the desert for a bit…(btw, not shy, not an ass, not a tool…who the hell knows)

SEEEEEE yaaaaaaaaaa

Eh, I’m 21, not shy, not an ass… I haven’t had a date since I got to college. You know, some guys just aren’t cut out for relationships, I think. If a person consistently can’t find anyone, it’s probably a good idea to reevaluate, and see if a relationship is truly what you want, or if perhaps there’s a reason why you’ve been unable to get one. My slightly OT two cents. Not what I’m saying about you, btw. Don’t know your situation.

For all the ladies who are into that tall dark and handsome thing. I may not be handsome, but I’m tall and dark, and 2 out of 3 aint bad!

OK. It is me for real and I don’t know who the hell wrote as me but you’re funny. Hey ratso do you know who these people are?

Who? Me? What? Where? Nope, no idea who wrote that…heh, heh.

Sorry, but women are definitely more tied to their preferences in looks than are guys. The fact that guys are more visual only goes to the fact that we can and do overlook a lot of the little details in appearance provided that certain strongly desired qualities are there (as in a pretty face, nice legs, etc.). I think women’s preferences carry beyond just physical characteristics and into “style” much more than do men’s – some women dig frat boys, some business men, some tatooed bikers, but guys just like pretty women, almost irrespective of their style. In my experience, women are much more apt to have “types” that correspond to the way a guy looks overall than are men to have similarly narrow types for women. And women do care a lot about physical attributes – my girlfriend has told me plenty of stories about how her friends wouldn’t date this guy because he was bald or that guy because he was short. Unfortunately, those guys are destined for the friend zone, at least with thos chicks – unless they suddenly got rich. My $0.02.

heh, heh… i think that means you are guilty. push my buttons, eh?

3-L T-man, you’ve got it nailed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from girls that they would “only” date frat guys, or this type or the other. There are certain groups of girls I try to stay away from, certainly (such as goth chicks… way too much emotional baggage, in general), but those are only guidelines that could be broken if I really liked a woman. And women are extremely catty sometimes, nitpicking the tiniest details. I’ve looked at girls around the dorm in ratty sweats and no makeup, and thought to myself “Damn, that girl’s really something.” My female friends report that they would ignore guys dressed in a similarly sloppy fashion. Oh well!

Hey Nate, couldn’t agree with you more. Every time I hear a girl talk about an ideal man the “tall” word slips in. I’m only 5’7" so I’m just out of luck, I guess. Good thing I’m already married… to a short woman!
Also, chacked out your site a while back (good shit, ya stud! Ballsy!) Since then I changed computers and lost the address. Give it out again?