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To the gun-t-freaks out there. Coyote, irondoc, da man, you know. How do I break in a new rifle?

Ok I have shot for years and own several guns however, I have always bought used. I have never broken in a new barrel. I am getting advice from people like. Take one shot. Clean the barrel. Take another. Clean the barrel. Take another clean the barrel. Go through an entire box of shells like this. Then wait several days and repeat. Something about greasing the barrel grooves. Are they yanking my chain? Thanks in advance.

I’ve heard this theory from a few people and I personally don’t buy it. I do not believe that there is anything to gain from attempting so “break in” or “season” a barrel. The other mechanisms of the firearm in question (trigger assembly, action, etc.) do tend to work a little easier after a few hundred round have been fired, but the barrel itself is composed of incredibly hard steel that is unlikely to be affected by the soft lead of a bullet, or even the comparatively soft steel of a jacketed bullet. I doubt very much that there is any way to effectively “grease” the rifling grooves themselves, and I’m not sure why you would want to do this anyway. Consider what would happen if you did: the rifling would actually put less spin on the bullet, possible negatively affecting accuracy. How is this advantageous? Besides, the gun has already been test fired at the factory to ensure proper operation and accuracy. I recommend that you take the gun to a range, put a box of shells through it, take it home, and clean it as you normally would. When you’ve done this a few times, the gun is “broken in” and should provide a lifetime of use. Just don’t overheat the barrel and always clean it before you put it into storage. Even if this “breaking in” theory is valid, the miniscule effect (if any) that it would have on accuracy would be barely measurable. Does the military do this with their weapons? No, they just take a recruit, train them in the basic “care and feeding” of the weapon, and send them to the range to fire a couple hundred rounds. Their rifles shoot pretty accurately, by most accounts. :slight_smile:

Load, shoot, repeat. If the gun jams, pull out your K Bar and stab the mofo. If your K Bar breaks, run like hell. If you can’t run, pray.

I’m w/Demo on this one. My dad is a huge gun enthusiast so I have shared his passion for years. When I read your post I gave him a buzz. He basically reitterated what Demo said about not really being able to grease a barrel, and that if it did work (in theory)it would negatively effect the spin on the bullet. Also, before you shoot any firearm, you should always remove all oil from the barrel to avoid back pressure. We always store are guns away with a light coat of oil in the barrel, but before we shoot, we always run a patch w/alcohal down the barrel, followed by a dry patch to remove all oils. Just do as Demo described and clean everything meticulously and make sure all of the cosmoline is removed (if that was used to pack it.) Also, keep all moving parts lubed up. It should be good to go. Hey Avoids, what if you can’t run bc its bulking season and running would burn too many calories, and you can’t pray bc you’re an atheist?

Sounds like you got a big problem then Rookie. Better stick to warfare in your SUV. (You will never live that down!) :slight_smile: BTW, not to hijack a gun thread but I have seen quite a few professed aethiests call out to God in a time of need. Some just before dying. It kind of makes you wonder.

im w/ demo. why would you want to “grease” the grooves? those rifling is what gives the round accuracy. thank the amish for that one! it spins the slug, kinda like a spiraling foosball. better accuracy at longer distances. as opposed to a slug just flopping around in the wind. personally i have never heard of this, but it takes all kinds. oops, i just said the exact same thing demo did… ah well, too much information is rarely a bad thing. but, demo is correct w/ the mechanisms as well. these do tend to smooth out w/ use. so, in a nutshell, they were either yankin your chain, or truly believe it and havent really thought it thru. Happy shooting! and thanks for calling me a gun-t-freak! i appreciate the compliment.

I clean my pistols after shooting, usually 50- a few hundred rounds. I have a few glocks, 45acp in para ordnance and springfield armory, a ruger 357, and a few others. There was never any problem.
Rifles are different. You can burn out a bolt action rifle in a few hundred rounds if you don’t maintain properly. I never fired my bolt action hunting and sniping rifles more than ten to twenty rounds at a practice session. If you’re shooting a hunting or sniping rifle, your accuracy will degrade after only a few shots. One of my guns shoots cosistently under 1/2 moa (minute of angle) at one hundred yards.
Some new gun lubes such as tetra gun lube, can help increase barrel life and in some cases improve accuracy.

Thank you all very much. I thought it was bunk too for the exact same reasons ya’ll quoted. Well I think I will just put a few rounds through it per sitting. That should get the job done. I alway take very good care and feeding of my weapons. I have Just heard a bunch of stuff from some of the gun fanatics here. Most likey like Computer technicains sometimes it is just PFM (Pure fucking magic) that one machine works for 10 years and another dies in 3.

I’m not a gun freak, I dont know much about them actualy, I’m a freedom ‘freak’, one of those wierdos that think freedom is important and all that ‘obsolete’ stuff.

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